Just a quick note on da boiz.  RJ was scheduled to be neutered yesterday and was released this morning.  Well, I picked the little guy up this morning and putzed around and ended up in the office.  I had a number of things I needed to get done and was interrupted several times ( and that was OK).  Razor has trouble with stairs, partially because of his arthritis.  Also, he grew up at my B & B I had in Florida and it was all one level.  Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?  Me.  When I sold the Florida B & B and first moved up here, I stayed at Betty’s until I had closing at the new location.  Razor has always slept in my bedroom and so our first night back, we hung out with Betty and when it was time to go to bed, I said “Good night” and called Razor to follow me.  I went up the stairs expecting him to follow me.  When I got to the top of the stairs, he wasn’t there, so I looked to the bottom of the stairs and there he was, wiggling his butt and whining.  So I came back down and strattled him and tried to show him how to walk stairs.  I’ve tried several times, and finally gave up.  He still hops up stairs. And between his not knowing how to navigate stairs and his arthritis he continually has trouble with stairs, particularly coming down. When I’m working in the Office and know I’m coming back up shortly, I tell Razor to “Stay”.  On my third today, interruption, I failed to tell him to “Stay”, I was on the first floor and heard him scrambling around.  So I called out to him to “Stay”, but he was already on the stairs.  My call startled his concentration and he ended up falling down over half of the stairs unto the construction at the bottom.  I ran over and made sure he got up OK, petted him and said nice things.  I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the damage.  I thought of taking a picture of him, but decided not to because he kind of looks like Frankenstein a dog in one of those no irritate cone neck collars they put on dogs.  He’s pretty scary.  So right now, RJ’s laying by my feet and OK and Razor’s finally asleep and not whining (no comments about my past blogs darn it, some apples do fall far from the tree).

Good night,


  • You & Da Boiz will have a better day today! It’s ok Ed, they’ll forgive you – it’s Father’s Day!

  • Sharon Guinaugh |

    Hi Ed!
    Sendng good thoughts your way that both of your dogs heal nicely. We enjoyed them both when we visited last year… I think of them often 🙂
    Best regards ~

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanx so much, da boiz send their regards. The pup is getting kind of spunky again, he was pretty funny with the after effects of the anesthesia. Razor, rip my heart out, is such a trooper. He’s doing so much better. (He sort of looks like Frankendog), but his spirits are high, even with the stupid cone he has to wear to protect the sutures.


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