Tomorrow is Chicken Boy’s Birthday, chicken boy was the 22 foot tall statue of a boy with a chicken’s head that was the mascot for Chicken Boy Restaurant and when it went out of business, Future Studio of LA saved him, some call him the Statue of Liberty of LA.  Fighter Rocky Marciano’s birth anniversary (1923), Germany returned it’s capital to Berlin from Bonn in 1999, it’s the anniversary of the start of World War II when Germany invaded Poland (1939) and the Titanic was discovered in 1985.

Well, I am getting hope for our government.  I didn’t want to see the ATF employees associated with that botched program Fast and Furious fired.  But I felt promoting them was out of the question for me. (They tried promoting three or four of the top agents).  I see the Justice Department removed the head of the ATF and the US attorney in Arizona from their posts.  They are back in more line type positions.  Former Pennsylvania House Speaker John Perzel, the crook from Philly (my opinion) was supposed to plead guilty today.  And the DA filed a number of felony charges against State Senator Jane Orie as well as lesser charges for tampering with evidence on her trial on misuse of tax payer money.  The original case when Judge Manning go so upset when he saw the forged documents that he let out an angry outburst “Even Ray Charles could see that is a forgery”.  🙂

Toonseum seems to have settled in it’s new location of 945 Liberty Avenue, Downtown.  They are presenting “Too Soon?: A Cartoon Retrospective of 9/11” starting with a panel discussion at Bricolage Theater at 937 Liberty Avenue on September 9 starting at 7 p.m., admission is free, but they are taking donations.  The show starts September 10 and runs through 25.  King Features Syndicate is encouraging a day of remembrance of 9/11 in the comic industry.  As expected, there will be many strips addressing this.  9/11 is not something to make a joke or fun of, but it is something I would think they can address in an appropriate manner.  More info on the exhibit can be found at their web site or by calling 412.232.0199.

CMU graduate, Steffanie Leigh is making her Broadway debut October 11 as the nanny in Mary Poppins.  You go girl.  🙂

Bromeliad’s almost finished, a couple of loose ends, but over all, it’s finished.  And not a minute too soon, I have guests checking in there tonight for eight nights.  This first picture shows the fireplace with the mantel Metro Classic Builders designed and built for me.  Isn’t it great?  And you can see me battling with getting HD working up to the room.  I won.  🙂

Here’s the new love seat that wouldn’t fit up the stairs.  I carried it up a ladder to the window and Derronda pulled it in.  Lucky, for me, it wasn’t a sleep sofa.  You might say that’s why I bought the one I did, I didn’t think anything was going to fit up the stairs.  I need to get some pillows for the back of it.

Here’s the stairs, there used to be a door on your left at the bottom of the stairs and directly across from that is where that chimney was.  I wanted it painted all white because it’s fairly narrow and no windows to brighten it up.  We still have to paint the stairs themselves, install the hand rail and the door at the bottom is getting replaced.  I spoke with Chuck with Metro Classic Builders and we’re going to replace that door when we do the other three in the Carriage house (two for the Ballroom and a new one for Ruellia).  I will have four doors that are air tight and I don’t have to keep “adjusting” all the time.  I like getting things fixed right.

Have a great evening,


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