Yesterday was the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of the finding of our Biological Clock Gene (1994) that controls our daily cycles of sleeping and waking called  circadian rhythm.  Mussolini was executed on this day (1945), the anniversary of the first Space Tourist, US business person Dennis Tito went up in the Soyuz  TM in 2001 (reportedly he paid the Russians $20 for the ride-wow).

So much for the reliability of the weather persons.  It was supposed to be torrential down pours for the last two days.  Monday I did about 3/4 of my mulch and yesterday I finished up and raised the stepping stones in the one garden.  It did pour for a brief period late yesterday afternoon, but that was maybe an hour.  Here’s a picture of the gardens this morning.  They look so nice and fresh after a loooong cold winter.  I’m in flip flops today.  🙂

I was nice an warm, so I got a bag full of tennis balls and took da boiz down to Lake Elizabeth for a swim.  There was no water in the lake.  ):  I hope they fill it up soon.  Razor was all confused, he knew where he was, but every time he went to the edge, there was no water.  Poor guy.

This reminds me of the time when I lived in Nashville and went down to the Ochee (where they held the Olympics in 1994 (?).  I had been down there with friends white water rafting while living there.  This was one of the many times I had quit smoking cigarettes and thought this would be a great work out.  So I loaded Jessie in the Saturn and we took off for the three hour jaunt down to the Ochee.  When we got there, Don’s Used Kayak Emporium was closed!  So I went to this little store across the street to see what was up and the clerk looked at me like I was from Mars (or up North) and said “It’s Monday”.  I said “Yea ………”  And he looked at me even more incredulous and said “The river’s closed”.  I just started laughing, thinking he was pulling me leg.  This time he looked at me with a little more empathy and said that TVA owns the river and they close the water off every Monday to fill the dam.  Still not sure if he was pulling my leg, so we drove down to the river and sure enough, it was just this little creek.  It was totally amazing.  They totally created this river for the Olympics, the same river my friends from the Crowne Plaza and myself battled a couple of months before was just a Disneyland attraction.

Well, our next tour is going to be African Tulip.  If you look at the first image in the left corner, that door (which isn’t well lit) was stairs going down into the Chenille guest room.  I closed the door into Chenille off and we took the stairs out and added a floor level with African Tulip, then added space from your left (which was the old maid’s closet) to make a new bathroom.  You can see in the second image the wooden dressing table.  That was a closet that went down to the lower level.  When deciding the use for that space, I thought why not keep the upper part of the closet and turn it into a dressing/make up area.  For some reason, my camera is not picking up the true color on the walls, they are a terracotta red, not as orangy as the second two images are projecting.  And actually, I just went to my web site and the pictures there also aren’t true.  Hmmm.

Enjoy this morning while we have sun light, Go Pens,


  • You have circadian rhythm? I hear there’s drugs to help you out with that. 🙂

  • Just so you know my ‘circadian rhythm’ was disturbed by 180 mph winds and then a terrential downpour (here in New Cumberland PA) at 4:30 this morning!

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