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It’s only been about twelve hours and I’m posting again, impressed?  🙂  I had a great idea this morning.  While reading the paper, there was an article about up coming concerts at Station Square’s amphitheater, Fort Pitt museum reopening and Old Economy Village reopening.  I was about to clip the articles out and put the articles on the dining room hutch where I usually put info like that for guests to peruse and thought “Why not blog it so someone can plan on attending one of these things ahead of time.”

So here we go, click on this hyperlink for Station Square’s summer concert series schedule.  Several of our local museums closed over the state budget crisis this past winter.  The Ft Pitt Museum and Blockhouse is reopening Saturday, now under the Heinz History Center.  The museum is open daily (I’m not sure about Mondays, most PGH museums are closed Mondays) from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.  Tickets are $5 for adults, the blockhouse is where the French and British battled over control of the three rivers at the point, a nice place to have a picnic right in Point State Park.  This Saturday and Sunday, they are running a shuttle between Ft Pitt and the History center and one price gets you in both (I think the History Center is more expensive, so I’m not sure what the price will be.  Either way, it’s a bargain.)

Also reopening this weekend is Old Economy Village in Ambridge.  This was the third and final home for the German Lutheran Separatists, America’s most successful communal group of it’s time.  It was founded in 1824 and ran until the commune was dissolved in 1905.  A non profit volunteer group, Friends of Old Economy Village has taken over the operation (the State still owns the property).  They are opening this Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon until 5 p.m.  They have a grand reopening special admission price of just ten cents, you can’t beat that.

One final thought for today, my blog’s been up since mid February.  I know some people read it because when some guests have checked in, they commented on it and then there was that lady that sent me an E-mail about a good dog trainer she knows when I was whining about RJ’s behavior.  Readers can place a comment on my posts, if they like.  The only two comments I received was from Dish Network when I was talking about my problems with my televisions and how my installer for DirecTV fixed things.  Two separate comments on two separate days saying my post on DirecTV was good and then a link to Dish.  You can’t post a comment to the blog without coping one of those security squiggly lines.  So it had to be a real person and not a bot.  I find it interesting the Dish would have someone mining the Internet looking for blogs that they can comment on and hopefully the blogger will post their comments with a link to their web site.

Well, have a great day.  I’m going to spend some time working on the manuscript and then walk over and see my friend Jeff at the Inn on the Mexican War Streets.  We’ve been chatting about the lack of support from our local casino and the arrangement I have with the Carnegie Museum.  And, I’m getting quite good at doing these hyperlinks.  I don’t know if anyone noticed how much cleaner they are now.  And I now do it with just a few key strokes, it used to be a bit of a project to include them for you.



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