Deagan tower chimes were made by the Deagan Company in Chicago, IL in the early 1900’s along with many other high quality percussion instruments.  John Calhoun Deagan was interested in the science of sound and was quite the innovator turning high quality instruments that changed the face of music and still does.  The Pittsburgh Symphony recently acquired a 20 note set that was originally installed in the Bethesda Evangelical Covenant Church.  After a year of restorations, they made their debut at Mahler’s Resurrection currently being performed at Heinz Hall.

Excelon Corp wants Pennsylvania to subsidize their nuclear power plants, they’re not making enough money.  I recognize the nuclear power does not pollute the air, but it does create lethal waste products that last longer than man has been on earth.  The nuclear industry receives $235M a year in subsidies in Illinois and $583,333,333 in New York a year.  If we were to take that roughly $1B a year in subsidies every year, we would have a lot more bang for the buck with solar & wind.  And maybe make these huge corporations think twice about putting their hands out for free money so they can make their profit margins.   They are whining that they provide well paying jobs and with America becoming having more energy conservation, there’s less demand.  (I didn’t realize my window replacement and LED lighting installations was going to have that much of an impact).  🙂   Solar and wind installations are well paying jobs and it would go to a lot of small business (and big ones like Solar City).  And at that point, we are done and have totally clean energy and they have less demand on their grid systems.

One of the problems with our declining bee populations is due to mites that are biting and killing the bees.  Varroa mites are deer tick sized parasites that bit drones, worker bees and larvae transmitting viruses that kill the bees.  Purdue University entomologists discovered a small amount of bees are biting the mites’ legs off.  These bees have been named Purdue ankle biters.  🙂  They are now breeding ankle biters and introducing them to other hives.  They had been trying to kill the insects on insects with chemicals, what a great idea, using nature to cure nature’s problems.  Good news, due to the ankle biters and other efforts, the declining numbers of hives has slowed.

Fresh Georgia peaches anyone?  Stephen & Jessica Rose are originally from Georgia and when they missed the peaches they were used to, they started a business of taking trucks down to pick up the bounty and selling them off the back of the truck in Nashville where they now live.  It’s been so successful, that they have branched out to various locations in the Northeast.  They are coming to Pittsburgh Sunday  from 8 – 10 at Rollier Hardware in Mt Lebanon, 9 – 11 at Bedneer’s Farm and Greenhouse in McDonald, noon – 1:30  at Zone 28 in Harmar, 12:30 – 2 at Ambridge Do It Best and 2:30 – 4 at the Tractor Supply in Natrona Heights and 3:30 – 5 a Fun Fore All in Cranberry.  Because of the efficiency of their system, the peaches are no more than a couple of days old.  The peaches are sold in 25# boxes for $40.  The peach trucks carry peach recipes to help peach buyers out.

I want to post this short blog, so you peach aficionados can plan on tomorrow’s delivery, enjoy,


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