Finished painting the Veranda wicker furniture and cleaning up the gardens in the Courtyard.  There’s all kinds of plants poking their little green tops out of the dirt.  Spring is here!!

I got a very cool E-mail yesterday.  Jill had stumbled on my Blog and saw my comments I made about having trouble with RJ being so greedy.  Jill’s rescued a dog and was having trouble getting the new dog and the old dog to get along properly.  She found a lady, Debbie that’s a dog trainer and she highly recommended her.  Debbie’s web site is www.powsitivereactions.com , if anyone is interested.

As far as RJ goes, we’ve actually been making progress.  Twice now when we were leaving to go out on some errands, he was running around Razor nipping at him and wasn’t listening to me telling him to stop and was left at home alone.  Talk about having an effect.  When we were leaving the next several times and he tried torturing Razor, he responded pretty quickly when I told him to stop.  Yesterday when we were leaving for our walk, RJ again was unbridled energy racing like a fool through the dining room.  He was left home alone and Razor and myself went for the walk.  Razor had the best walk he’s had in a year.  When we went for our walk today, I can’t say RJ was a star puppy, but he didn’t knock any chairs over or upturn any rugs.

Something I really hadn’t noticed, was that Razor hasn’t been playing with toys lately.  Razor hasn’t been much interested in toys for the past few years.  But he did on occasion chew on a bone.  RJ wants everything.  He will drop the toy he has in his mouth if Razor picks something up and take Razor’s toy. And Mr Nice Guy Razor lets him get away with that.  So a week or so ago, I decided if Razor won’t be the Alpha dog to the puppy, I’ll take his back.  Anyone that knows me know that I have no problem being Alpha.  And it’s actually working.  Not only does RJ let Razor alone when he has something, Razor is actually now defending himself.  Now none of this is 100% of the time, but we are definitely working towards the right direction.


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