Tomorrow is the anniversary of D-Day (1944), the first drive-in movie opened in Camden, NJ (1933), Nathan Hale’s birth anniversary (1755), Susan B Anthony was fined for voting (1872), the Security and Exchange Commission was created in 1934 and it is the 150th anniversary of the surrender of Memphis  by the Confederates.

I had Sheila & Dave’s wedding last weekend, great people and event.  Dave’s parents are very much into history and antiques.  When Holly & John arrived, we walked around the Mansion again and they pointed out the light fixture in the dining room of the sheppard boy and dog (possibly my favorite piece in the entire Mansion).  They said it was a Moreau and sure enough it is, it’s even labeled right in the front:

And as we were walking around, they pointed out the clock on the dining room mantle that looks like Lady Liberty and said that it looks like a Moreau.  Actually it’s a Ansonia Clock, they were manufactured in New York and Connecticut.

Finally, they’ve found a way to recycle Styrofoam.  You can always recycle the “peanuts” at any shipping company like Fedex/Kinkos.  But the Styrofoam that packages electronics, etc have had to go into the land fills and they last there basically forever there.  Antracite Recycling in Scranton has been recycling paper cardboard and other items.  They found and purchased a used “de-densifier” for $64,000 in Maine and recently installed it in their junk yard.  It shreds the Styrofoam and then forms “logs” that can be stacked and shipped.  The process can take a trailer full of loose Styrofoam and stack these “logs” on a single pallet.  They are currently selling this recycled product to Dart Container Company.  Dart can de-densify the Styrofoam logs, process it into the cups and containers they are known for.  I saves them from buying the raw products (chemical and petroleum products) and manufacturing Styrofoam from scratch.

Ex State Senator Jane Orie was sentenced to two to ten years in jail for her convictions on corruption.  I really hate to see anyone go to jail, but when you have no remorse or admit that you did something wrong, I’d be OK with the jail terms being doubled.  This goes for Vince Fumo, Mike Veon, John Perzel, Bill DeWeese and Brett Freese as well.  In the past year as I’ve watched these trials, convictions and sentencing; I was hoping to see someone of them to actually do the right thing and apologize for their wrong doing.  Nope, and if Orie’s attorney doesn’t stop throwing feces on the wall hoping something will stick by accusing District Attorney Zappala’s office of using family feuds behind the prosecution of Orie, I might be tempted to throw some feces at him.  (Just kidding, don’t call the cops and accuse me of being a terrorist.)  🙂  Even Judge Manning was disgusted with the corruption and read her the riot act at sentencing.  Maybe all this jail time and forfeiture of pensions may make them think twice about using the public office they’ve been entrusted with for their personal benefit.

I went to the Arts Festival Sunday.  They always have too much pottery.  Don’t get me wrong, I like pottery and find some pretty unique and interesting.  But there always seems to be an overabundance of potters represented.  I didn’t see one leather worker and just one or two wood workers.  I did find a lady, Debbie Houser of Personal Etchings, working with lexan creating various forms of night lights.  The etched lexan is placed over a light source that illuminates the lexan.  I bought two for night lights in Ruellia and Bromeliad:

I do have a minor problem with them.  The lexan base sits on top of the wooden light base.  This may be OK in a personal residence, but with the wear and tear in an Inn, I want to cut out the light hole a bit wider so the lexan base nestles in the wooden base instead of on it.  This will make it more stable.  Minor problem.  They really look cool in the dark.

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