It’s been a few days, again.  The flowers are definitely showing their heads these days.  I transplanted those super cool, cold hardy hibiscus from by the trellis to over at the wall by the water feature.  I haven’t seen any green there yet.  They do normally come up a little later than the other plants, I hope they’re OK.

I heard from my college friends, Dave and Claire, they’re planning a trip here the first week in May.  They’ve been living in Angola Africa for the last three years.  I usually get to see them once a year when they make their trip back to the states.  Always great to see them and great stories of safaris and other exotic trips.

I went to the Western PA bed and breakfast association www.westernpabandb.com.  There’s over two dozen members, mostly from north western PA and eastern Ohio.  I’m the farthest south.  We talked about recruiting more members for the Pittsburgh area and even south into Greene county so we cover the entire western portion of PA.  They, we, are creating an association Facebook page and then we all become fans of that and fans of each other.  They had James from www.bryanserver.com stop by to talk about social networking.  We also talked about cost effective ways to get our association better known.  Many thanx to our host, Rose from Chapel Valley Estate Bed and Breakfast www.chapelvalleyestate.com.  A very nice Inn with a wonderful country setting just past historic New Castle.  If Rose’s breakfast are anything like the lunch she served us, it’s a winner.  🙂

We had our neighborhood association meeting here at the Parador with Allegheny West www.alleghenywest.org.  We’ve had our differences in the past (a subject for future posts), but they are my neighborhood association and like to keep informed about what’s happening in my neighborhood.  I generally try to make most meetings and went over to Calvary Methodist Church, where the meetings are held.   The president, John M broke his collar bone yesterday riding his bike and no one else had a key, so we met here.  There was a fair amount of good information, but of course, they had to continue their assault on the Steelers.  This time, as is their current normal, it’s parking.  Eight days out of the year, we have a Steeler game.  I don’t understand why they hate the Steelers like they do, a limited days in the Fall and Winter we have some excitement here and the neighborhood organization hates it.   The Steelers were here at Three Rivers Stadium (the stadium before Heinz Field)  before just about anyone currently in the neighborhood was here.  Why would you move to a location that has something offensive to you and hope it goes away?

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