Well, I guess it’s electronics one, ed zero.  The TV’s unfixable.  Vizio is sending a replacement TV.

Jason and Cindi were here earlier this week and Cindi did two posts on her blog, here’s the first link the other link

Nice pictures Cindi and I’ll send you the $5 for the nice words.  🙂

It’s the first Thursday of the month and my friend Lisa’s running Soup Night over at Calvary Methodist church on the corner of Beech and Allegheny Avenues.  It a fund raiser for the church and the food bank.  Good cause, good food, cheap prices and it gives you an excuse to get in the church and see the $5 million renovations.  Fabulous Tiffany windows.

Kristen & Joel left today, I finally got her breakfast right all the way through.  She’s gluten intolerant and day one I made her parfait with granola, day two I gave her parfait to Madona and had to quickly make another.  Also, yesterday I wanted to do one of my vegetable dishes and couldn’t do my quiche because of the graham cracker crust, so I planned on making frattata which has a potato base.  BUT, I put a tablespoon of flour in the egg mixture to make it more cake like.  After I put it in the oven, I thought “you fool”.  So she settled for eggs sunny side up, bacon and potatoes O’Brien.
I scare me sometimes.  They found a great local beer from the East End Brewery, it’s on Susquehanna Street, I’m going to have to check it out.  They went to the Church Brew Works for dinner and again the Brew Works didn’t offer the pizza menu.  They’re famous for their wood stove pizzas.  I don’t understand.  And Kristen & Joel didn’t care for their entrees off the dinner menu.

Kirk found out what my problem was with posting pictures and why my links weren’t working.  I’ve gone back and corrected all my hyperlinks, so if anyone wants to use them, they’re functional.  I also was able to post one picture, but most of the ones I have are too large for this program, I need to now figure out how to reduce them.



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