Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Allies taking Palermo (1943), the death of John Dillinger (1934), Pied Piper of Hamelin Anniversary (by legend 1376), as such it is also Rat-Catchers Day.  This deserves it’s own listing, it is Spooner’s Day, honoring the Reverend William Archibald Spoon of Oxford born this day.  This educator and cleric made so many verbal faux pas that they gave his name to this.  He coined blushing crow for crushing blow, tons of soil for sons of toil, queer old dean for dear old queen, swell foop for fell swoop and half-warmed fish for half formed wish.  My brother Mot should find this of particular interest.

The Children’s Museum is again hosting their Summer Solar Concert in the Commons Park in front of the museum.  The local musicians will be performing with a solar powered sound system designed by Dave Djornson, technical director of the New Hazlett Theater right next door.  The concerts start each Wednesday at 12:15 and next week will be Todd Burge, August 3 will be Midge Crickett, August 10 will be Tom Breiding, August 17 will be Joy Toujours and the Toys Du Jour, August 24 will be Paula Purnell and finally August 31 will be Brewer’s Row.  More info at Solar Concert Series.

OK, this may surprise some of you, but most levels of government are out of money.  The City of Pittsburgh, that’s been in receivership for what, five years now is considering delaying installing two planned misting playgrounds.  This isn’t a huge chunk, compared to where the city is financially, but it shows they still haven’t gotten it.  Misters are great for kids and if we can afford to build them AND maintain them, go for it.  When I was a kid, my parents bought a plastic blow up kiddie pool that we cooled off in, year after year, the same pool.  Here’s an idea for the city and Penndot, eliminate duplicate bridges.  I don’t know how many times I travel across a bridge and see another right next to it.  Why not select the best bridge, merge both roads on both sides of the valley, river or crick and get rid of the redundant bridge?  Roads are a lot less expensive to maintain than bridges.  There seems to be a bit of a debate in congress about subsidizing small airports so they can stay open.  Sorry, no one subsidizes me in the winter when my occupancy is at it’s lowest and my gas bill is at it’s highest ($2,400 a month).  I don’t know, maybe I just don’t think right.

OK, Bromeliad is coming along quite nicely.  This first picture is this very cool desk I got today at a Consignment Shop I stop at periodically in Bill Green Shopping Center in Pleasant Hills (I go there regularly, but don’t recall her name).  I wanted a small desk to place in front of a window and this was the perfect size and it’s in great shape (one day I’ll refinish it, but it’s fine as it is).  It’s always a good sign when the shop keepers makes a face at you when you bring an item up to purchase.  I asked her about the face and she said she was debating buying it and now regretted not picking it ups sooner.  The desk is solid mahogany.

OK, Bromeliad’s walls are dry walled, Dewayne hung the three new doors and has most of the trim up.  The fireplace should be in next week and he’s getting ready to build that out (I’m giving him the dimensions tomorrow to work with).  Just about all the tile is up in the bathroom.  The tile guy will finish tomorrow and hopefully get it all grouted.  Here’s today’s pictures:

The first picture shows where the closet was cut in half and a king bed will fit well in that space with end tables on either side.  I have the end tables, I need to find lamps.  The second picture shows the same wall, just down a little.  The new closet door and between that corner and the window is where the fireplace is going.  The third picture is just the reverse angle looking from where the fireplace will be towards the entrance door.  The fourth picture is where the kitchenette was.  I have this really cool oak low boy dresser (two low drawers with a tall mirror) that I bought at the auction they had selling my Dad’s stuff.  I was watching all the activities at the auction, when they pulled this dresser up and it was struggling at $100.  I thought, hell, I’d spend that at IKEA and for $130 it will be perfect there.

If you go back to the original pictures a few days ago, this first picture is where the sink was and on the right corner was a box that held the hot water tank.  We are moving the hot water tank to a much more compact closet on the other side (second picture at the foot of the tub).  Third picture is where the shower was and the sink is going.  The last picture shows the space between the tub and where the toilet’s going.  That box in the wall is for the heater.  It is amazing how much bigger this bath seems.  It’s the exact same foot print (except for moving that alcove from the kitchenette into the bathroom).  The extra space comes from removing that chimney I spoke of earlier and better use of the hot water closet (we’re putting a linen closet on top).

These last three pictures are from the stairwell to Bromeliad.  The first picture shows where the chimney no longer is.  That was amazing. I had to turn to walk past it and now it’s just a straight shot across the short hallway you see in picture two.  The third picture is from the top of the stairs down.  That second picture we are going to take part of that wall out making the hallway a little bit bigger and a straight shot (currently you sort of have to turn as you enter from the front door.)  The Ballroom is giving up a few inches, but it also is loosing that doorway you see in the first picture.  That will also make that wall in the Ballroom a little more practical.

Well, that’s about it for my updates on Bromeliad and my tirade.  Keep out of the sun, drink lots of water and don’t stress yourself too much until this heat abates,


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