Tomorrow is the anniversary of Cassius Clay (Mohamed Ali) becaming the heavy weight champion, it’s impressionist Pierre Renoir birth anniversary (1841) and it is Enrico Caruso’s birth anniversary (1873), he passed away in 1921.  Today, the space shuttle Discovery made it’s last lift of.  It was the longest lasting shuttle that took the hubble telescope and John Glenn for his second trip into space and he was in his 70’s I think.

I love my guests.  I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and could only offer breakfast at eight.  So they came down promptly and I served breakfast.  As I was leaving, I asked it they would put the cream, OJ and butter in the pantry fridge.  When I came home, they had put all the perishables away and had their dishes stacked for me.  🙂  I was pretty nervous about the procedure, I had to fast for a day and purge my system.  I feel better and clearer today than I have in a long time.  I may have to do that periodically.  🙂

My web site’s doing fantastic.  I’m still averaging over 70 visitors a day, and this is in February.  Kirk says my blog is almost set for linking to Facebook and Twitter.  He had a couple of issues and thinks he has it corrected.  He’ll let me know tomorrow if it’s fixed.  So next week I take the big step.  A dumb guy’s getting a smart phone.  🙂

OK, time for my soap box.  I’ve never been a big fan of Egypt’s Mubarak, Tunisia’s Ali or Libya’s Gaddafi, and I could give a long list of why I don’t like them.  But I listen to the news for fair and unbiased presentation of events in the world.  That’s one of the reasons I generally follow BBC.  I find them generally pose a more unbiased news case.  Tonight BBC referred to one of Gaddafi’s officials as a henchmen.  All the news I’ve followed on all three countries have used negative adjectives for the current regime and positive adjectives on the masses.  Again, don’t confuse my griping about the news coverage and the thieving corrupt governments that are being replaced.  Hopefully these struggling peoples will be able to create a true democracy.  I hope our government pays attention.

It’s been a long day, have a great evening,


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