Three major films shot here are opening in theaters over the next month.  “Unstoppable”, staring Denzell Washington opens next week.  “The Next Three Days” staring Russell Crowe opens next and “Love and Other Drugs” staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Annie Hathaway opens after Three Days.  This is in addition to the movie with Taylor Lautner (from Twilight fame-the werewolf) that was recently shot here.  The story is taken from a famous contemporary author (I don’t recall his name) that wrote a series of thrillers about the orphaned son of CIA operatives that is being chased by his parents’ nemesis.

Two more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If the orthopedic surgeon doesn’t have my cast removed Tuesday, I swear I’ll take a saw and cut it off myself.  After that, I’m driving to Harrisburg to see Myra & Phil’s new Inn The Stone Manse Inn, opening in February, 2011.

I did the new presentation of my mushroom strata today.  Instead of making it as a casserole, I used my mini loaf pans and definitely like the presentation better.

One of da boiz favorite things is going for a ride in the truck when I do my errands.  When they realize what’s up next, they both jump up and down, run in circles,  etc.  I have been having problems with junior biting Razor continuously.   I holler at him and he stops and then starts biting Razor again.  This is a continuous thing of me constantly hollering at RJ as we walk to the truck.   So yesterday I got mad and put RJ in the Courtyard, locked the gate and took just Razor on the errands (we did this several months ago and RJ stopped this bad behavior for a good while and started doing it again recently).  Guess who was a good boy today when we went to do my errands?  I didn’t even have to holler at him once.

My friends at the Inn on the Mexican War Streets have had their holiday decorations up for a week already.  I haven’t had a chance to call Jeff and ask him what’s up with this?  I swear, before long we may as well just leave them up year round.  We’ve been doing our holiday cleaning.  Derronda has most of the first floor in good shape, I’m hoping to get the floors paste waxed next week and the decorations up the following week.

What happened to our morals?  I’m not talking about big corporations and politicians that I’m so fond of bashing.  I’m talking everyday people.  Skip & Christina (and Hunter) are relocating up here from Florida.  They found a house they love in a neighborhood they think they like.  They signed a six month lease with a right to purchase.  The man that owns the house and signed the contract had someone come by and offer to buy the house outright.  So he changed his mind.  The reason I’m bringing this up now is an even worse scenario was in today’s paper.  I’m so mad, that I’m going do do something I never do and use first and last names.  Cheryl & Mike Ickes are raising their 14 year old granddaughter who has a rare blood disease in Indiana County.  Tracey & Bill Kurnocks offered to GIVE them a house after hearing about these great people.  The Ickes spent money they didn’t have, had volunteers help them fix up the house and started moving stuff in.  Through much hoopla and press pictures, the Kurnocks handed the keys to the house right before Thanksgiving in 2008.  Then the Kurnocks CHANGED their mind and presented the Ickes with documents requiring a five year no sell clause (I’m OK with that) and a $72k mortgage.  The Kurnocks even had the Ickes arrested for picking up their possessions the Kurnocks put out for trash.  How despicable can people be?

To end this blog on a positive note, Jackie & Rob were here this past week for a few days from Virginia.  The reason they came to Pittsburgh is there’s a lady in Blawnox that has a retro jewelery store and Jackie & Rob just got engaged. Marlene Harris collects retro jewelery from all over, she also acquires various vintage molds and forms and creates new jewelery based on classic styles.

Well, that’s it for today, Go Steelers,


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