I’ve been working on a post, but it’s getting kind of long and I don’t want to rush it, so here’s another.

Christina & Jason had their afternoon garden wedding yesterday in my Courtyard.  The worst rain of any of my weddings, luckily it was real bad while we were setting up and not during their reception.  There was up to two inches of water and some areas of soft mud during set up.  The staff all had mud splattered over the back of their pants.  🙂  But as I said, it rained a bit when the guests arrived and then basically held off until after wards.  Christina looked beautiful, I loved her dress.

I went to a chiropractor for the first time in my life.  Dr Casey Philips is right across the street from me (his main office is in Bethel Park).  He’s always been a great neighbor since I moved back up here.   Lately, my arms have been falling asleep while I sleep and it wakes me up.  So I went over to see him and we had an initial consultation and he took some X-rays.  We met again on Wednesday for treatment and OMG, I’ve slept straight through the night since.  The range of motion in my neck is incredible, the best in years.  And this is after just one visit.  He showed me where my problems are generating from (I think it’s my fifth vertebrae) on the X-ray.  He did a couple of different treatments and then he cracked my neck.  That was a first and pretty scary, but I guess if I get the results he done, I don’t mind the neck cracking.

Visit Pittsburgh, our convention bureau had a meet and greet for Visit Pittsburgh Partners and their staff.  Many of their staff I have met over the years I have been a member, I did get to meet some new ones.  I also met some other members I hadn’t met before.  The Pittsburgh Irish Festival will be held this coming September 10, 11 & 12.  The will have four stages of continuous entertainment, authentic Irish food & beverages, an Irish marketplace, children’s activities and many other activities.

Also, RiverQuest was there.  They are a non profit who’s main mission is educating people about how important our waterways are.  They do a lot of research, they take school children out and they have scheduled tours for the general public.  You can even schedule private parties on their boat.

I also met Paul from Pittsburgh Pedicabs, very green and laid back way to travel around the City.  They’ve teamed up with a local lady that’s a font of information about the City and they partner on bicycle tours.

I met with Nina & Jeff after breakfast was all cleaned up.  They’re getting married in September and looking for a place to house their guests.  This evening, Ed Cyphers from Sounds Like Fun disc jockeys is meeting with one of my brides for next year.  He’s a great guy and great DJ if anyone is looking for one.

I think that’s about it for today,


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