Tomorrow is the anniversary of the founding of Arkansas Hot Springs National Park, Pennsylvania was deeded to William Penn (1681), famed football coach Knute Rockne’s birth anniversary (1888), Vermont was admitted to the Union (1791), Chicago was incorporated in 1837 and it is the anniversary of the of the first meeting of Congress under our constitution (1789).

Two Pittsburgh filmed films are being released this spring.  6 Souls, the filming title was Shelter, was shot in 2008 and is a horror film about multiple personalities staring Julianne Moore and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  The flic has a limited theater release on April 5.  Lovestruck, the Musical will be on ABC Family on April 21 was originally called Elixir.

The Professional Disc Golf Association World Championship will be held in Allegheny and Butler Counties on July 25 through August 1, 2015.  They anticipate about 400 participants and a modest economic impact of $1.5M for the area.  There are about nine flying disc courses in our area, if you want to practice up to see if you want to compete.  🙂  More info on local disc activities are at Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society and if you want a world view, go to the PDG Association website above.

The Glade Run Lutheran Services in Zelienople has a CSA program that is a training program for 85 children and adolescents with diagnosed mental health conditions.  The farm efforts of these kids supply 65 families with farm fresh produce for 18 weeks out of the year.  What a great way to give those kids some life skills and fill a community need (we all need more fresh from the farm foods and less ultra manufactured processed foods).  They sell small boxes at $374 and large boxes for $464.

Through April 30, ToonSeum will be hosting Drawn to Peace, The Art of Atila Ozer during their normal operating hours.  This Turkish born artist has an impressive collection of peace-themed cartoons.  His cartoons have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Turkey, Germany and Austria.  With admission of just $5, you can’t go wrong here.  🙂

There is a website that helps people find scholarships for themselves or children.  Scholarship America has a very informative website with a lot of tools to start the quest.  Remember, the #1 rule is never take no for an answer.  I may have told this story in the past.  When I got out of the military, I started college and hung out with four other vets.  We were a bit older than the other students and had common interests from being vets.  We had all applied and were receiving the benefits from the GI Bill.  Pennsylvania had a provision in PHEA that they paid our tuition.  So during our first semester, we all applied for this benefit.  It was denied because they said you had to apply the previous semester to receive it.  I didn’t agree with this “policy”, how could we apply for the grant when we were still in the military?  So my friends and myself re-applied.  And were turned down a second time.  My friends wouldn’t apply for a third time, I did and I ended up having my tuition paid from my first semester onward.  Persistence pays.  🙂

Speaking of TED (my last post talked about CMU’s version of this national conference), it was on TV tonight!  CIMEMOI carried all four days.  It was pretty interesting listening to all these super smart people and all their ideas.  I love smart.

Speaking of TV, (sorry, just wanted to do two Speakings in a row).  🙂  Is it just me or are you guys getting fed up with that stupid advertising the TV stations are putting on the bottom of the screen during regular programing?  When they started doing this, maybe two years ago, it was occasional and small.  They almost have two programs running at the same time.  And it’s not that they reduced the amount of regular commercial breaks.  And while I’m whining, I watch the news in the morning as I’m getting ready for the day.  They have the ticker tape on the bottom of the screen either mimicking what they are talking about, other news or just blah-blah-blah.  They also run school closings/delays listed down there as are the time and current temperature.  How much information do we  need?  And taking this one step further, they run the closed caption down there as well and no one coordinates all this so there is a cohesive bit of information down there.  It’s like Luke Ravenstahl making the city “bike friendly” and just adding bike lanes without measuring the width of that street and whether there’s enough room to add a bike lane or two or any other use of intelligent design .

I’ll quit complaining now, talk soon,


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