Well, I failed in my attempt to add 15k words this weekend to the manuscript, I only added about 5k.  But did some major revisions on the script.  It was amazing how bad parts of it was.  I’m about half finished with this part, I just finished the recipe section.  I think I’m pretty happy with it.  When I’m finished with this part, I’ll print a hard copy and see what I think of it so far.  The printed word always looks different to me than when I read things here in the computer.

The new Vizio television came in Friday and I hooked it up.  I now get visual when I turn it on but no audio.  When I push the RES button on the DirecTV box, I then get visual and audio, again.  But once it’s been turned off, it goes back to just showing the picture.  After fighting with Vizio (they claim it’s DirecTV), I have to move the television to another room and couldn’t do that with people checking in.  It sure is easy for those phone “technicians” to blame someone else.  I’ve swapped boxes from different rooms and the HDMI cables multiple times and Vizio still blame DirecTV, even though those boxes and cables work fine with the televisions in the other rooms.  So tomorrow I’ll take the television down off the wall and move it to another room (ensure that the television in that room is working properly first) and hook the Vizio up in that room.  Very frustrating, the hours spent trying to get something you just bought brand new to work.  ):

Had some fabulous guests this weekend, or at least that’s what RJ says.  They had him running all over the kitchen, Courtyard and even the Ballroom.  He’s really funny in the Ballroom because he can’t get traction on the maple floors and slides all over the place.  Razor just stood there with that look “these kids”.  🙂  Marcia & Will came for the first time this weekend with their friend Darren who used to live in da burg to do some house hunting.  They’re moving here from Virginia, Welcome New Residents Marcia & Will.

Brian and his crew from the Pittsburgh Film Makers shot their segment today.  Very nice people and they seemed pretty happy with the results.  He says he’ll tell me when it’s finished and where it is going to be shown.  It’s about a dysfunctional relationship, it sounds pretty interesting.

I got the Veranda all cleaned up from the winter, even hung out at the captain’s table for a while.  Not quite warm enough for me yet.  We didn’t get all the rain the weather guys said we may get, so the floods seem pretty contained.  It’s supposed to start drying out starting Tuesday and be that way for a few days.  So early next week I hope to cut those major branches out of the purple plum tree in the parking lot that was so damaged by the heavy snow.  All the crocus, tulips and hyacinth are popping out of the ground, I also need to get the gardens in the Courtyard ready for the spring sprouting this week.

That’s it for now,


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