Tomorrow’s the anniversary of the 1936 St Patrick’s day flood, need I say more?

Henry Clay Frick’s mansion, The Clayton, is doing special tours through May 1 called All the Ladies of the House.  They are at various, but unspecified times, so call first.  412.371.0600  It examines Mrs Frick’s roll in the household which was typical for the time period.  It also discusses the duties of female servants, nannies, etc.  The Clayton’s a beautiful mansion, always interesting to tour.  Touring this mansion with an explanation of the “woman’s place” back then with all the appropriate props like tea invitations, school books, etc should be quite interesting.

Friends of the Riverfront, a non profit here that encourages the use and enjoyment of all our 22 miles of river waterfronts have partnered with Google to do a street view imagery.  You can see this on their web site.  I was just at their web site and it doesn’t seem to be up and running yet.  Sounds pretty cool.

The Mexican War Streets are having their yearly neighborhood wide Yard and Art Sale Saturday, May 14 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Since this is going to be a neighborhood wide event,  The Mexican War Streets will have a map on their web site showing specific locations.

Manchester Craftsman’s Guild has announced their spring jazz line up.  BNY Mellon Jazz presents Hiromi on March 5 – 6, Jane Monheit will perform March 19, Jeff Lorber Fusion will perform March 25, Vijay Iyer Trio will perform with Don Braden and Mark Rapp the Strayhorn Project on April 29 and the Caribbean Jazz Project will perform May 7 – 8.  You can see details on MCG’s web site.

The New Hazlett Theater has also announced their spring line up.  The Glass Menagerie will perform March 5 – 13, Newband and the Harry Partch Instruments (microtonal music performed on instruments invented by the Iconoclastic) will perform March 19, Swan Day, 2011: A Celebration of Pittsburgh’s Women Artists will have a show on March 24 & 25, Squonk Opera will be performing Mayhem & Majesty March 31 through April 3 and finally Beauty and the Beast will perform April 14 -17.  See Hazlett’s web site.

City of Asylum/Pittsburgh is making news again.  They’ve received a $50,000 grant to start their latest project, The Literary Center.  They are taking an abandoned building, a vacant lot and a closed bar/restaurant and and turning them into a bar-cafe-restaurant and spaces for readings and workshops.  Quite the ambitious project for these great people.   For those of you not familiar with Asylum, it’s a non profit over by the Mattress Factory that hosts dissident poets and writers, usually Asian.  They host exiled writers with lodging, readings, workshops.  One of the houses has a Chinese poem written on the outside walls.  Details are on their  very interesting web site.

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