Today’s the anniversary of the seizure of the USS Pueblo in 1968 in the Sea of Japan.  The North Koreans held the crew captive for 11 months and confiscated the vessel.  Barney Miller premiered today in 1975 and January 23 is Babin Den day in Bulgaria.  This is a festival honoring midwives and grandmothers.

Guess where I’m going to be this evening?  Heinz Field, on the field!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Watch for me on the side lines.  I’ll have a black and gold knit cap I’ll be wearing, it’s a little unique.  Black top, gold around me head and the colors kind of bleed together like stalagmite stalagmites, it that makes any sense.

A short drive from Pittsburgh, less than an hour is East Liverpool Ohio.  Early nineteenth century, it was the ceramics capital of the world.  During it’s hey day, there was over 20,000 people living and working there (there’s now about 13,000).   Hall China,  has their manufacturing facility there and an outlet store the Hall Closet is on the edge of town down by the Ohio River.  Also, in E Liverpool, the Pottery City Antiques Mall and a ceramics museum in the old post office that shows the evolution in ceramics industry in the area.  In near by Newell, WV is the Homer Laughlin plant an outlet store, they are the makers of the famed Fiesta line of brightly colored pottery.

There’s a art glass exhibit called Domesticity at Morgan Contemporary Glass at 5833 Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.   This is a exhibit of sculptures by eleven female artists from around the country and some of the domestic service themed pieces recreated in glass are pot holders, a cartoon characters of a mop and broom as well as over sized knitting needles and many other pieces.  The domestic theme has caused some controversy.

Go Steelers,


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