October 6th is not a big day for big events in history.  So we’re jumping to Monday, October 8.  It will be birth anniversaries of war hero/auto racer/airline executive  Eddie Rickenbacker’s (1890), comic book innovator Harvey Pekar (1939) and German composer/musician Heinrich Schutz (1585).  Two huge fires were on this day, The Great Chicago Fire (1871) and the related Peshtigo Forest Fire (same day).  Finally, Monday will be Columbus Day.

Follow up on the fund raiser dinner in the pool last weekend in Canonsburg.  Bill Sarris, son of Frank Sarris, the founder of Sarris Candies in Canonsburg was talking to his mother during the event.  Bill expressed how much the pool meant to him, remembering learning to swim in the pool.  Athena (mom) said your dad learned to swim in this pool as well.  Suddenly a light went off in Bill’s head and he decided to donate $100,000 towards the much needed pool liner (total tag at $150,00).  Their generosity inspired another participant to donate $25,000.  So now that the liner is pretty much funded, Canonsburg is planning on buying a cover for the pool and put the rest of the proceeds from the fund raiser in an account for future maintenance.  I love small businesses that can give from the heart, instead of these big corporations that frequently give to where they get the most advertising.  I’m not totally knocking corporate sponsorship of things like The Great Race, it’s just how much of the money they give is given so their name is broadcast every the event is talked about.

My dad grew up in Hazelwood and my mom grew up on Greenfield.  All my grandparents past away when I was young, but I’m pretty familiar with the areas and anytime I pass through, I take note of places I’ve been.  There was an article in the Trib awhile back about Jozsa’s Corner, an authentic Hungarian restaurant located in Hazelwood.  It’s been on my endless list of things to check out.  A couple of weeks ago, I had a young couple visiting.  When I asked if they needed directions or recommendations, they declined and said they were going to Jozsa’s for dinner.  The next morning they said they had a great time and highly recommended it.  I mentioned it to some of my friends that are going to Costa Rica with me this winter and they were eager to try it.  What a find.  I have to warn you, there’s not much left of Hazelwood.  And Jozsa’s is VERY casual.  If Styrofoam plates bother you, don’t go.  If great food made and served by the chef/owner is something that peaks your interest, here’s a great find.  Alex is a graphic designer by trade and has operated Jozsa’s for twenty-five years now.  They are only open Monday through Friday 11 am until 6 pm.  Other times are by appointment only.  We wanted to go last Wednesday, but there was only three of us and he wouldn’t open.  But Thursday, there was a group coming in and we were welcome that night.  Some of the other group obviously had been there in the past, for most of the ten, it was their first time.  We all had a great time.  Jozsa’s is located at 4800 Second Avenue (the corner of Second and Hazelwood Avenue going up the hill) zip 15207 for you GPS users.  🙂  Alex’s phone number is 412.422.1886.  They don’t have a web site I could find, the link I’ve included goes to Yelp.

The Mt Lebanon, Bethel Park, Upper St Clair corridor is continuing to change.  Trader Joe’s opened on the right side going up the hill from the intersection of Washington, Conner and Gilkeson Roads (where the Galleria is).  (For you old timers, Trader Joe’s is sitting where Chi Chi’s used to be.)  They tore down the old Roth Carpet building at the bottom of the hill where the 18,000 sq ft Fresh Market specialty grocery store is scheduled to open (think Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Market District).  They don’t have a set opening date, but I’d say early 2014 because they have a number of issues they need to deal with before they can actually start construction.   Also, West Virginia’s MedExpress bought the leases of Blue Horse Coffee (an individually owned coffee house) and Pazzo Ristorante (think LeMonte) and are planning on re-configuring the building as one of those clinics springing up all over the place.

The city seems to have thrown in the towel trying to save St Nicolas’ from the wrecking ball.  Way back when Penn Dot was doing the original plans for upgrading Rte 28, St Nick’s was either closed or slated to be closed.  They fought Penn Dot for years to keep it from the wrecking ball saying it was historically significant.  They wanted to turn it into a museum and cultural center.  So Penn Dot re-did all the plans leaving St Nick’s standing.  The group trying to save the church wasn’t able to get enough money to do their project.  So now they want to tear it down.  Now the City and Northside Leadership got involved and was blocking them from tearing it down.  The orthodox church in Millvile that took over the flock here on the Northside has been complaining that it costs them $1,800 a month to maintain the church, even closed.  I don’t have a major problem with it’s demolition, I have a problem with them fighting Penn Dot for years, causing Penn Dot the financial resources to re-route 28 and then turn around and want to tear it down now because it’s convenient for them.

From 8 – 10 am the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium will be hosting their 9th annual ZooZilla 5K Walk/Run November 3.  Early registration is $25, $30 after October 28.  Proceeds to benefit the zoo.  More info at their web site.

Next Saturday, Kayak Pittsburgh will be holding a Zombie Kayak event from 4 – 7 pm at it’s Northshore location (by 6th Street Bridge in front of PNC Park.  Zombie writer Lucy Leitner will read excerpts from her book Working Stiffs, a professional make-up artist will be there to get you all gussied up zombie style.  Afterward, there will be a 90 minute zombie paddle on the Allegheny.  It is $20 for members $30 for non members and more info can be found at Kayak Pittsburgh’s web site.

Sister Norma Rodriquez will be leading a series of four seminars titles Revitalization Seminars for Caregivers and Volunteers.  A lot of us are now facing aging parents moving in with us (or us with them) and are becoming the primary care givers.  Even if the elder is in a home, it can be quite challenging juggling work, kids, dinner, etc AND devoting time to aging relatives.  Some of us do it full time and can easily be consumed with the demands of an elder.  Sister Norma knows first hand, that has been her “job” for over twenty years.  She personally views the social and health services more of a ministry than a job.  Being a positive influence in peoples’ lives means we need to be strong first.  We need “we” time, particular time each day/week that we get a chance to re-group ourselves.  All seminars will be held Panera Bread stores.  The first will be October 10 at 7217 McKnight Road in Ross at 9 am.  the next will be at 9:30 on October 24 at Panera in the Galleria at 1500 Washington Road Mt Lebanon.  November 1 at 9 am 250 Mcholme Drive at The Pointe in North Fayette.  Finally at 9 am on November 15 the seminar will be at the Miracle Mile Shopping Center.  You can register by calling 412.536.2020, 412.720.8941 or e-mail bbacka@gatewayhospice.com.  Don’t be ashamed that you could use some help with a task you have taken upon.

Halloween is all around us, even at The Parador Inn:


I love the spider.


The ghouls waiting to greet you.

And if you think you can skip out the side door, look who’s waiting for you.

And Chuckie’s just watching to make sure you clean your plate.

The Jack o Lanterns were made by a guy in Monesson and his father sells his stuff in a funky little semi shop where Becks Run Road dead ends on Carson Street.  I got quite the deal last year.

Well, that’s it for today.  Speaking of tomorrow:  GO STEELERS. 🙂


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