Actually, I’m doing this on Friday, but I want to use Saturday because it’s the 53rd anniversary of of Chase’s Calendar of Events book (this source for my factoids I start each blog with) and the anniversary of the birth of Helen Chase, one of the co-founders was born December 4, 1924.

I may have to change the format of my blog a bit.  It looks like I’m going Face book and Twitter.  I have a Face book page and The Parador does.  I’ve never done much with my Face book page, because the free time I can spare, I prefer to spend it updating my blog.  I found out I can open a Twitter account and automatically send a tweat with the first 140 characters of my block and a link you can click on to see the rest on my blog.  Twitter will then update my Face book page.  So that’s pretty cool.  My next desk project.

Some pretty exciting news, for me at least.  I was approved yesterday for the $ to renovate the Loft (my new space) and my current space, which will become the Hibiscus guest room.  While I’m at it, I’ll also be adding fireplace in Ruellia.  Can’t wait to get these projects started.

Mary & Alan are visiting for a few days, they own The Carlisle House in none other than Carlisle, PA.  A very nice couple and they have a very nice Inn.  Their attention to detail is apparent as soon as you first look at their web site.  We had quite the discussion this morning.  Alan does all their web work and he’s the one that told me about Twitter & Face book links for my blog.  We also had some nice discussions on operating in Inn.

I finished paste waxing the floors on the first floor, they really did turn out the best.  Derronda did a fabulous job decorating both formal and Caribbean trees and I finished the other decorations.  The Inn looks very festive.  That was quite the project, next I need to get my tail in gear and finish up my project for the Western PA Bed and Breakfast Association.  I have completed the list of potential B & B’s to invite and next want to update the invitation letter.

Well, that’s all for tonight, actually, tomorrow.  🙂


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