I learned a new trick, we’re going to start having some pictures in my blog.  Obviously, I need to work on cropping and presentation.  But for my first pictures, I’m not too unhappy.  This is a picture of Tony’s hibiscus that was next to the arbor, but was getting all crowded out by the clematis, so I moved it this past spring and it seems pretty happy with it’s new location.  (Actually, there are two hibiscus, I moved them both this spring and then removed the other and it’s been quite mad at me.  Most of it died off, but I have one strong branch that’s a healthy green and even has flower buds.  I think we’ll be friends again next spring).  The big hibiscus (pictured) started blooming two weeks ago and should bloom into September if I remember correctly.  Next to it is one of my new banana plants.  I bought two bananas when I first planted the gardens and they died as did half of the plants I got from the nursery I bought all my plants initially.  The nursery staff also advised me to plant the blue hastas in the sun and the others in the shade (or vice versa) which was the exact opposite of how they should be planted.  Luckily, Tony and Sue had stopped by about a month after the garden when in and we replanted the garden.  Obviously, this nameless nursery hasn’t seen me since.


P1000059 This is one of my newest additions to the gardens.  It’s the Kopper King Hibiscus I talked about already.  The flowers go from pink on the outside to red in the center, which are nice, but I really like the foliage.  I think when it fills out (probably not until next year), it will really make a nice addition to the garden.

P1000058 And here’s a picture of my beach with the Arondo donex a few weeks past.  I love how they give me privacy without seclusion.  And I’m always getting questions from people about “that corn” I planted.  Obviously they aren’t farmers.  🙂

The Phipps Conservatory, my favorite space in the City is having a free admission day on Monday, thanx to a grant from the Buncher Family Foundation.  While you’re at Phipps, be sure to check out the Agave americana, they actually had to take a panel of glass out of the ceiling for it to keep growing.  It’s over 33 feet tall at this point.  It’s blooming and dies back after the bloom.

Anyone looking for something to do tomorrow, Manchester’s having their summer Victorian house tour.  They’re real nice people over there.  They aren’t as restrictive as my neighborhood and you see more creative use of some of the properties, and some very traditional.  It’s well worth the price.

I have to buy more passes for the Carnegie Natural History, Art & Architecture Museums and the Andy Warhol, this will be the third time I’ve used them up (sold them).  A very popular amenity here.  I case you haven’t perused my  Specials Page, I have 1/2 price passes to both museums.

Finally, I’m leaving for the Jersey shore tomorrow for a few days.  Derronda’s babysitting the Inn and da boiz.  She’s also representing The Parador at a Pitt Panther football meet and greet Tuesday.  Hopefully we can get some parents and alumni aware of us for future visits.

Well, take care and we’ll chat again,


  • I enjoy your website, even more so your photographs, do you really take them your self? Around England we’ve been blessed with a large range of flora, the most stunning of which are probably the early spring flowers. Am I Allowed To use some of the pics on my own blog? I will back-link any here obviously. Rachel Butler

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