Well, I’m back from the Jersey shore.  Had a great time, visited family and friends, had a nice and relaxing time.  The funniest thing happened on the way to the shore and coming back home.  For any of you not familiar with the Philadelphia area, the Schuylkill Expressway is interstate 76 from the PA Turnpike to Center City Philly.  It’s a two to eight lane high way with right and left entrances and exits, no one goes under 70 miles an hour and everyone goes from lane to lane with no warning.  Basically, it’s legalized bumper cars.  I was driving east with my drivers side window open and I hear “Ed” and there in the next lane was Mark & Denny.  They are regulars that live in Philly.  What are the odds of that?

I got home a couple of hours before my first check-ins.  I got everything together and they arrived.  While giving John & Juliet a tour upon arrival, Juliet said “We saw one of your trucks in Donegal”.  I said “What?” and John said Juliet saw a white Toyota truck with palm trees on it and the name The Parador Inn and said they should follow it.  That was me coming back from Jersey.  Too funny.

OK, I’ve been using those air scents I spoke of a couple of weeks ago.  There’s two ways to go, one is distilled water and vodka with the essential oil and the other is mineral oil with the essential oil.  When I first set them up, I used Johnson’s baby oil (which is mineral oil), but it has that baby oil smell, so I didn’t like it.  Actually, the one I made up with baby oil has sort of dissipated the baby oil smell and just has the lavender scent at this point and the bottle is still full with the fluid.  The one I did with distilled water and vodka totally evaporated.  So my $’s on the mineral oil and essential oil.  I went to Pat Catans, a local craft store that’s probably the biggest and local and they had unscented mineral oil.  Fairly pricey, but what I want.  I’ll go on line and see if I can buy larger bottles at a more reasonable price.  Even if I don’t find mineral oil on line at a better price, I’ll be OK with Pat Catan’s price.

They’ve been filming a movie right over on Beech Avenue, the one that runs parallel to Western, the most intact Victorian Street in the city.  I think it’s that movie staring that guy from the Twilight series, not the main character, one of the male supporting actors.  It’s about CIA, FBI and a hole assortment of covert operatives that are chasing him.  Equipment trucks everywhere.  They haven’t had the groupies they had when filming in Mt Lebanon two weeks ago, that got fairly mobbed from what I hear.P1000060

We didn’t see any dolphins, but it was a nice boat ride.  Have a great weekend.  I’m sold out tonight, Steelers first preseason game,


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