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Kirk, from Vollkommen, www.vollkommenmedia.com added this blog to my web site with our latest changes.  It seems pretty easy.  This is going to be a daily journal for occurrences today, past experiences, stories and idle ramblings.

Markus & Yvonne and Michaela & David all left this morning.  They were the last of the Germans that where here for Michaela & David’s wedding at The Priory last Friday (www.thepriory.com).  What a nice group of guests, and so easy to please.  They actually seemed to like my breakfasts.  🙂

Maria & Bill are checking in this afternoon from Chicago.  This will be their first visit.

Jay with Catered Elegance (www.cateredelegance.net) will be meeting with Meghan (and maybe Mark) for their June wedding this evening here.  I think I scared Meghan last Saturday when she came over to see the place.  I laid my weekday housekeeper off because I’m generally so slow Jan/Feb.  This past week I’ve been basically sold out because of all the Germans that were in for Michaela & David’s wedding, we’ve had kazillions of feet of snow,  I was scheduled to give tours to two brides  and Meghan shows up at the door and I said “Spring wedding about 120 guests” and she looked at me as if I was nuts and said 120 guests this June 12.  I had just seen her not that long ago.  My mind (or lack of memory) really scares me sometimes.

It snowed again this morning.  I swear I’ve shoveled, chipped ice or used the snow blower at least once a day for the past two weeks.  I keep checking the 15 day forecast and it’s everyday, lows in the low 20’s and highs in the low 30’s and snow flurries.  How boring and depressing.  Send me back to Florida.

I can’t take da boiz down to run in the park.  Besides the entire thing being covered in two feet of snow, there’s no plowed sidewalks and tons of branches blocking the entrance.  I guess I’ll just take them out for a “drag” (they drag me down the sidewalk), around the block.

I need to figure out how to get my hyperlinks to work, not bad for my first post.  Have a great evening all.



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