We’ll call this blog useless.  That’s what I am right now.  I took da boiz down the park for a swim and as we approached the pedestrian bridge (ie narrow), there was a lady standing on the bridge with her dog on a leash.  My boys were on their leashes, but they are long leashes.  So I wrapped the leashes around my left hand so they were forced to be close to me.  As we passed the lady and her dog, both my dogs jumped toward her dog.  I heard a bone snap in my hand.  Since we were at the lake already, I let Razor do his swim thing (I couldn’t go to the ER, I had guests checking in that afternoon).  After my last guest checked in, I went to one of those urgent care clinics and yeps. the bone is broken between the knuckle and wrist.  I have an appointment Thursday with an orthopedic surgeon.  Wish me luck.

So while I was waiting for my last guest to arrive, I made the apple stuffed French toast, panned the bacon, made orange cranberry bread and collected my mis en place for the morning.  The next morning I got up and made breakfast for my 13 guests. It worked pretty well, as far as my guests could tell.  Kind of funny at times in the kitchen.  But then the clean up came, you should have had closed video of it.  I can’t use my left hand at all, so I can’t scrape the plates, I can’t put my left hand in water, I can only carry with my right hand…. it was pretty funny.  So until I have my left hand back, I am only offering continental.

I’m typing this with one finger on my right hand.  Derronda volunteered to come in today to help me.  What a god sent,I love Derronda.  She did the welcome letters and registration forms for the next week, she did the confirmation letters, she even wrote my checks.  Then she washed the pans I couldn’t wash, pulled the mis en place for for the next day, she even cleaned the kitchen floor.  Did I say I love her?

Betty came over today and she’s been doing all my dishes, she even weeded a bit.  She’s agreed to stay until Thursday, then I’m on my own again and sold out.  This should be an interesting weekend.

What a handicap this is.  This is going to sound bad, I don’t mean it that way.  A person without a hand is used to it and their life is adjusted to it.  My life is not, and I need to do a lot of things with two hands.  I can’t even fold towels in thirds to hang in the bath rooms, I can’t cut the chicken up in little pieces that I sprinkle on da boiz dog food, did you realize you need to hands to floss?  I bought a pack of those environmentally insensitive floss on a stick.

A while back, I was whining about finding a product I liked and then not being able to find it again.  One of those things was a low flow shower head.  They make all these fancy shower heads with all these bells and whistles, I want just a basic shower head that conserves water and improves water pressure.  I found them!  It’s not the same  model I used in Florida, but they are exactly what I want.  As soon as I can, I’ll be going back out to Rollier’s in Mt Lebanon and buy the other four they had (don’t sneak out there and snag them on me).  🙂  They’ll order more once I clear them out.  I love Rollier’s, that’s where the palm tree in my dining room came from.  They’re an upscale hardware store that’s very well run and all kinds of things.  I’ve talked about them in the past.

I’m going to sign off now, since one finger typing is one of the few things I can do, you may be seeing more of me here 🙂


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