So many remembrances on this date.  This is the anniversary of the founding of the Humane Society of the United States (November 22, 1954).  The anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy (November 22, 1963).  The original publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species (November 22, 1859).  Many others, but my last for today is the anniversary of the first China Clipper flight (November 22, 1935-the first transpacific mail service.)

What a wonderful day yesterday.  The weather was spectacular.  I pulled all my compost out and it’s MUCH better than last year’s harvest (my first).  Perfectly decomposed and it spread over my gardens like a charm.  I also got the last of my leaves raked up and chopped up with the lawn mower.  I got the other leaves I’ve already chopped and spread all of them over the gardens.  I gave the grass a final clipping before the winter, got the leaves out of the gutters and even got to watch the second half of the Steelers game.

I’m reading a really cute book, A Dog’s Purpose, A Novel for Humans by W Bruce Cameron.  It is written first person dog (ie it’s totally written as if the dog is writing it).  If you love dogs, you really need to read this book (particularly if you’re thinking of getting a puppy).

After feeding 14 guests b’fast this morning and doing my errands, I started bringing the holiday decorations down from Lady Palm and took the exterior garland apart and ran new LED lights and re-worked the ribbons and hung on the porches.  With the weather still holding out, I want to get the outside done.  (I’ve been out there hanging the garland in the wind, the rain and freezing temperatures).  I should be able to finish the outside tomorrow and then start on the Parlor/Libray.  I’ll get D to help me with the awkward stuff (the piano, Mellon bench and Library buffet stay in place) and get the floor washed and paste waxed for the holidays.  This weekend we should be able to get that finished and then next week do the same in the dining rooms.

I belong to Western PA Bed and Breakfast Association and am on the membership committee, so I took it upon myself to find as many Bed and Breakfasts in Western PA I could.  Besides our members, I found over 140 Inns!  I want to do some work on the “Welcome” package and send that and my list of potential members out to our current members to see if I can recruit some of them into helping me solicit new members.  I have done hard stuff done, locating the Inns.  My list has their names, address & phone numbers.  If I get ten volunteers, we would have less than 14 people for each of us to contact.  Not too big a job.

Well, I’m going so sign off for now,


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