Tomorrow’s birth anniversaries include poet, journalist Walt Whitman (1819), Prince Rainier of Monaco (1923), American religious leader, author Norman Vincent Peale (1898), ambassador Patricia Harris (1924), actor Don Ameche (1908) and Pope Pius XI (1857).  It is the anniversary of the Civil War battle of Seven Pines (1862), the Copyright law was passed (1790), the TV series Seinfeld premiered (1990) and the Johnstown Flood (1889).

Yes, it’s been awhile.  I couldn’t let Memorial Day pass without remembering our fallen.  I have an idea for our military, why not start a fighting division made up of older Americans.  I remember when I was draft age, considering going to Canada to avoid the draft, because I didn’t think I could kill another man.  I would have no problem shooting an ISIS terrorist, rapist, scum of the earth.  We are not as agile and strong as we once were, but that’s not to say the military couldn’t design a basic training focused on getting us in shape.  I’ve been watching my diet lately more than usual and have dropped 15#, been trying to take the bike out two times a week for about 10 miles each.  No big deal, but it all adds up.  So here’s to our fallen:


Thank you.

Speaking of bikes, I got two for guest use:


They’re not the prettiest, but they work and are free, so can it.  🙂  I also have helmets and locks.

Speaking of fatties, da gerl was up to 95# and she voluntarily cut lunch out.  I’ve reduced her breakfast and dinner and she was down to 88# two weeks ago when I last weighed her.  I’d like to get her down to 85#, maybe a tad less.  She’s been having trouble with the heat the last few days, so a few less pounds would help that and help her joints to delay or possibly stop her from getting hip dysplasia.  RJ’s the age Razor was when he started showing signs of dysplasia and so far RJ is not showing any signs.  Here’s a picture of the fat gerl and her svelte big brother:


Here’s a picture of the fat gerl as a puppy:


And I might be remiss not to include a picture of RJ as a puppy:


Oh so cute.

Speaking of cute, besides feeding the squirrel family, Ester, Fester and their son Lester, I’ve been feeding the birds daily as well.  I have a spectacular cardinal family, a blue jay family, the morning doves that have nested here since I bought the place and of course the little annoying starlings or what ever those constantly fighting little guys.  The robins this year built their nest on the electrical box for the hood system instead of up in the tree.  It’s probably safer than up a tree a predator could climb.  And the chicks are clearly visible. They are growing so quickly.


The Three Rivers Arts Festival starts this coming Friday and I just looked at the extended day forecast and of course they are predicting thunder storms and rain storms all weekend.  Luckily, the Arts Festival lasts longer than just the weekend.  Being so close, I can pick when I go down there.

The Rivers Casino has announced their free concert series at their amphitheater on the river front.  Friday, June 17 will be Disco 54, Saturday, June 18 will be the John Mellencamp Tribute by Tumbling Down, Sunday, July 3 will be a Credence Clear Water Revival Tribute Green River, Monday, July 4 will feature Bon Journey and Saturday July 16 will be the Boston Tribute Don’t Look Back.  Shows start at 7 pm.

In the past, I have tried posting a blog a week, but these take a lot of time.  And with the summer starting, don’t know how much time I will be able to devote to my blogs.  I do enjoy writing them, but need to budget my time.  So you might not hear a lot from me over the summer.



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