Let me make it official, I refuse to shovel any more snow this year.  IF we get another storm, beware neighbors.  I shoveled the Veranda roof for the second time.  The snow & ice back up from the box gutters and cause the water to leak under the roofing down through the box holding the ceiling on the posts.  ):

On the bright side, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  I’m now the ipod Meister.  My large CD player broke a few months back and I’ve been playing either my holiday 5 CD player or satellite (I must say, after listening to the songs the satellite played, I have much better taste).   Well, after much drama and downloading itunes multiple times (Windows 7 kept saving it in a temporary file and I never saw it there) and many other challenges (thank you Joann for bailing me out), I have recorded all my CD’s in my itune library and then downloaded it onto my ipod.  I’m listening to my music as I type from my ipod through the Mansion stereo system.  I didn’t say you cold teach an old dog new tricks easily.  🙂

Pretty quiet week again.  This is getting old, after being so busy for so long, to take a nose dive like I have the past two months really grates on one’s nerves.  It’s nice having some down time so I can learn itunes and do lots of little projects around, but I need guests to keep me on my toes.  I actually slept until 7 a.m. the other day.

I found another nice review from Brian & Sherri on Google maps.  That’s so nice.  It’s like being a waiter, which I have for so much of my life, and getting a 20% tip.  It makes you all warm and fuzzy when people go out of their way to be nice to you.

You should see the new tee shirts Kerry’s selling down at KS Kennedy Floral and Gourmet www.kskennedy.bravehost.com .  They are black  with gold lettering.  There’s three gold diamonds reminiscent of the Steeler’s logo (no copy right infringement there) and a picture of a chair blocking a shoveled parking space.  The caption is Pittsburgh Public Parking Authority.  It’s a shame his shop isn’t on the Southside, he’d make a fortune over there.  Very cute.  Speaking of Kerry, he still has a couple of those carved wooden Christmas tree ornaments of the Willock mansion left.  They’re $15 and 1/2 goes to the neighborhood association.

I got my income tax refund today, thanx Uncle Sam.

Well, I want to take da boiz down to the park before Kristen and Joel arrive.  Chat later and have a great day.



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