Tomorrow is Edgar Degas’ birth anniversary (1834), Elvis Presley’s first single was released (“That’s All Right Mama” 1954), the first part of Lord of the Rings (also 1954) and Marilyn Monroe’s first screen test (1946).

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art has an exhibit “They Practice What They Teach” through September 4.  The show examines are work by Carnegie Tech and eventually Carnegie Mellon art teachers and their art.  Many of the teachers took jobs as teachers so they could have summers off to pursue their true passion, actually painting themselves.  Featuring about 60 works by fifteen alumni, seems to be nice introspection.  Visit their web site for times and other details.

The new guest room has a name, Bromeliad.  Bromeliads are a huge group of tropical plants that come in all manner of colors and types.  There are many bromeliad air plants you see in the swamps and they are pretty common garden plants as well.  The most noted is the pineapple.  The top leaves of the pineapple is what most bromeliads have and is the source of their many colors.  Here’s a bunch of before pictures (when I move out of my utilitarian space) and where we stand today.

This first set of pictures show the east wall.  Initially, since it was my living space and office, I needed closet space for office items and clothes.  The first picture shows the double closets and the second shows it cut down in half.  There’s enough space along that wall for a king bed and end tables now.  The end picture shows where I had bookcases and that is where the fireplace is going to be.

This next set of pictures show the west wall.  The kitchenette has been taken out and the alcove in the second picture (was for a refrigerator) has been given to the bathroom.  I have this very cool lowboy two drawer oak dresser with a tall dressing mirror that’s going to go where the kitchenette was.  The bathroom only had a shower and we’re adding a tub, so that’s going to go behind the door, on your left in the third picture.   When you walk in the new bathroom, right behind the door is that alcove that now is a closet for the hot water tank below and towel storage above.  We had to move the door about a foot and a half to make this work.

This next set of pictures shows the west wall of the bathroom.  The first picture shows the closet for the hot water tank and towels and the tub in place.  The middle picture shows the chimney that’s no longer there. I wanted to remove the chimney because when you go down to the bottom of the stairs, it jutted out into the entrance and made the entrance very narrow.  To save aggravation with the local historic review, what we did was remove the chimney to the ground, saved the bricks, built a platform in the attic and rebuild the chimney so it juts out of the roof.  The third picture shows where the toilet will be and the built in heating unit for the bathroom.  The sink is going across from the toilet.

They start installing the tile tomorrow, should be finished by Thursday.  Yeah!  Here’s the colors are teal walls and red trim

Have a good night,


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