Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first Social Security check being issued (1940) to Ida May Fuller of Ludlow,VT, dentist and prolific author Zane Grey’s birth anniversary (1872), Robert Morris’ birth anniversary (1734) one of the only two men that signed The Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, athlete and business person Jackie Robinson’s birth anniversary (1919), composer Franz Schubert (1797) and the execution of Eddie Slovik (1945), the first Service Member to stand before a firing squad for desertion since the Civil War, he was buried in France and his wife Antoinette fought until her death in 1979 to clear his name and have his body brought back to the US (which it was).

David Lewis: Old Friends, New Horizons’ is in the Mendelson Gallery at 5874 Ellsworth Avenue through February 28.  Hours are a simple noon until 5 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays, admission’s free.  The recently turned 80 year old Mr Lewis has been an architect, urban designer, teacher, writer, artist and South African Navy submarine chaser.  His art endeavors has recently turned to metal sculpture that adds to his other mediums.  This show highlights his new metal sculptures and colorful art on Kraft paper and colorful gouache (gouache is a water based medium that is heavier,more opaque and reflective than your traditional watercolor).  Both forms of his whimsical creations have a heavy influence of animals, particularly dogs, birds and lizards.  I couldn’t fine a web site for him (there’s a ton of famous David Lewis’), but more info at the Mendelson’s gallery or by calling 412.361.8664.

Northside’s adding another quality restaurant to our list.  Bob Gones second Nakama Pittsburgh Restaurant (the extremely popular and successful first is on Carson Street)  is set to open in the Masonic Temple building on North Avenue next to the Garden Theater.  (Mr. Gones has a Nakama in New York City).  They are planning on creating ten loft apartments above Nakama in the brick and limestone Masonic building.  The developers have already started renovating two large duplexes just around the corner on Federal.  They are looking for retail, professional types for the first floor and apartments above).  There’s talk that Strip District lounge owner Spencer Warren has signed a letter of intent on space in the development.  With the new town homes up on Federal selling before they are finished (they are getting ready to start phase three), the new library, Crazy Mocha on the corner and the AGH medical center, that is becoming one bustling corridor.

Did you notice the 36 foot bus that passed us Friday.  The comet 2012 BX34 passed within 36,750 miles of earth.  The scientists said we shouldn’t be concerned, but just hearing on Sunday that a comet that large was a fifth closer than the moon makes me a bit skittish.  They say we should worry if the comet’s 460 feet across.  I don’t know, if a bus sized comet is hurtling down at me, I’m going to be quite nervous.  🙂

The USS Requin, docked at The Carnegie Science Center that arrived in 1990 is in need up some hefty repairs, to the tune of $2M.  Having survived World War II and salt water oceans, it seems the might Monongahela, Allegheny and Ohio River waters are taking their toll.    Some fairly serious rust that’s actually allowing water to leak into it.  The Science Center says it’s perfectly safe, just in need of some serious repairs.  Approximately 160,000 people visit it annually.   This submarine, launched New Years Day, 1945 is 311 feet and 7 inches long.

Bill Powers of Export based PixController Inc has installed web cams in three Minnesota bear dens that you can watch 24/7 on “Den Cams.”  Lily & Faith as well as Jewel and her two cubs are in actual cave kind of dens; Honey and Lucky are in some kind of a man made enclosure.  The first two were sleeping and it was kind of hard to make a whole lot out, other than Lily & Faith snoring very loudly.  🙂  As I was watching Honey and Lucky were waking up and were pretty funny being all groggy and stuff.  Check them out when you get a chance.  I’ve Favorites them to go back now and then.  You can watch Jewel giving birth to her two cubs on January 22 at 7:20 and 8:40 in the morning on YouTube.  They don’t know the sex of Jewel’s cubs, and I’m not going in there to find out, so don’t ask me.

Dormont’s Hollywood Theater is hosting a special fund raiser for repair of “The Living Dead” chapel from the movie in Evans City Cemetery in Butler County.  So far Fix the Chapel has raised $13,000 of the $50,000 needed for the repairs.  On Saturday, the doors open at 2:30 for a silent auction and other merchandise sale.  Tickets for the 4 p.m. screening of Night of the Living Dead are $6 and all proceeds go to the group of George Romero fans.  Don’t you love unconventional small theaters and what they can do?

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