I didn’t get to post this until today, but yesterday was my holiday.  It’s National Whiners Day. 🙂  They take nominations for national recognition at hugging_whining@yahoo.com, if anyone wants me to be nationally recognized for my whining.

Let me start this blog with whining about a whiner.  Larry Ginsburg owns Music Distributing Company.  It’s this very cool company that buys, sells and repairs vending machines, jukeboxes, kiddie rides and other memorabilia.  It has been in the Millvale Industrial Park for some time and he had 40,000 square feet.  The Millvale Industrial Park was recently torn down for the route 28 expansion/rehab.  Since they were going to tear the building down, he relocated to 23rd Street in Sharpsburg, a much smaller space.  He’s complaining about the lack of space he has, that he’s had to store stuff all over the place in friends garages, etc.  The state ended up auctioning stuff off left in the Millvale building (he got a percentage of the proceeds of the auction).  He can only do repairs currently, because the state is paying his rent for the first year and he’s barred from selling for some reason.  But my point is, he wasn’t blind sided.  They have been planning this much needed work on route 28 for at least 20 years.  If he took just two things out a day for the last twenty years, surely he could have moved everything out.  🙂  Not to trash Larry too much, he seems like a nice guy and if you are into these classic pieces, please stop out in Sharpsburg and check him out.  I did do a search, it seems like he had a web site at one point, but if you type music distributing company pittsburgh pa, a number of things come up on him, but no actual web site.

Just about forty-five minutes from here are two toy museums.  The Marx Toy Museum at 915 Second Avenue, Moundsville, WV is only open the rest of this week before it closes for the winter.  Call them for their hours 304.845 and to be sure they haven’t closed already for the winter.  They have rooms full of all kinds of classic and vintage toys.  Louis Marx owned the Marx Toy Factory in nearby Glen Dale and in the 50’s & 60’s, his company was the largest toy manufacturer in the world.  Close by, just outside Wheeling is the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum.  It is located in a two story formal school house and has rooms of toys, dolls and even the Ohio Valley Room that has displays on the history and geography of the Ohio Valley.  Their phone number is 877.242.8133.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and are enjoying the time between Christmas and New Years,


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