Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, Karl Marx birth anniversary (1818), the Kentucky Derby kicks off tomorrow with the main race on May 7 and it’s the anniversary of the stock market crash of 1893.  The stock market crash is significant to me because that was the one where Joshua Rhodes (the great industrialist that built my Inn) decided to keep his skilled workers working, even though he had no orders for the steel pipes from his new company National Tube (US Steel now owns), because he was afraid of loosing them.  Joshua paid their salaries out of his pocket until the economy recovered.

I would like to talk about something I posted last.  Before I wrote my post on Bin Laden, I did have a soul search on how I felt about it.  I don’t think we should celebrate someone else’s death.  After reading about Rashard Mendenhall’s Tweet, I’m OK with my post.  No, we shouldn’t celebrate the execution of a serial killer or any other death caused by man.  But the scale of evil Bin Laden created was not of the scale of Hitler, but the same kind of blanket evilness crossing all kinds of lines.  So I’m OK with being very happy his worldly influence is over.

The art works of Croatian immigrant Maxo Vanka can be seen this Friday and Saturday at St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Millvale this Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m.  Vanka painted these labor, war and social justice themed religious paintings from 1937 to 1941.  The $20 donation includes viewing of the art work in the church’s sanctuary and a performance of the one hour drama “Gift to America”.   There’s also a cocktail reception and performance tomorrow starting at 6:30.  Tickets for this is $75 and all proceeds go to restoration of the paintings.  More info and reservations can be made at 412.394.3353 or the pro artists tickets or vanka murals web sites.

The Pittsburgh Blues Festival at Hartwood Acres is scheduled for this July 22 through 24.  Acts include Tedeschi Trucks Band, Janiva Magness, Kelly Richey, Johnny Winter, Tommy Castro and other national as well as local artists.  Tickets are between $22 to $50 (for two nights) and more info can be found at 412.460.2583.

I don’t watch it often anymore, but I still love South Park.  Trey and Matt rang up 14 Tony nominations with their irreverent musical “The Book of Mormon”.  This is just one nomination less than the record setting 15 for “The Producers” in 2001.  🙂

If it doesn’t stop raining soon, I swear I’m going to blow my brains out.  I know I shouldn’t complain, we’re lucky we’re not in Cairo, IL, but we have averaged MAYBE one day with sun a week for the past several months.  I am sooooo tired of this over cast skies and rain.  And, with everything being so wet, they can’t clean out Lake Elizabeth so they an fill it with water and da boiz can go swimming again.  Razor’s really bummed.

Finally, construction has started on the Loft.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chuck, the general contractor thinks he will be able to finish it in about a month and then we start on the new guest room Hibiscus.  That should also be about a month, just in time for Kenny Chesney.  I have past guests that are already asking for it.

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