Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first time anesthetic was used for surgery in 1842 and the pencil was patented in 1858.  Also the birth anniversaries are Francisco Jose Goya (1746) and Vincent Van Gogh (1853).

As promised in my last blog, I won’t be whining today.  We really need a breath of Spring.  Yesterday when the weather forecasters gave our frigid high for the day (40), they noted the recorded high for date was 82 degree.  ):  To get your breath of spring, why not go out to Phipps Conservatory for their annual Spring Flower Show, it runs through April 24.  They are open daily from 9:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily with a 10 p.m. closing on Fridays.  The admission is $12 for adults.  They always have an under lining theme and this year it is wind, so there’s kites, miniature sail boats and butterflies amount other wind effected objects.

A funny story about Phipps (anyone that knows me, it’s my favorite space in the city year round) involves my good friend Kathleen Flaherty, the lady that did all the murals on my first floor.  The new addition to Phipps opened about four years ago when she was working on the murals.  I had just returned from Florida.  So we went mid week and the place was empty.  As Kathleen and myself wandered the new exhibit space, I was discussing traits of the tropical plants that I was aware of, since I had just relocated here from sub tropical south Florida.  As we were exiting the exhibit, one of the volunteers had another couple and was going to give a tour.  She invited us to join and since she only had two people to talk to and I can never get enough tropical plants we agreed.  Shortly into the tour, the volunteer gave some miss information on a traveler palm and Kathleen looked at me and in a loud voice said “That’s not what you said”.  (You have to know Kathleen to appreciate this).  The volunteer looked at me and I tried as gently as I could to explained how and why the traveler palm moved.  For the rest of the tour, anytime the volunteer gave out information on the plants, she would look to me for approval.  I was totally embarrassed.

For those of you creative types, it’s time for the Tribune Review’s annual Peeps Show.  Go to this link to see the past contestant’s.  Here’s how you do it:  #1 Choose a scene from history, pop culture, movie, advertising, etc to build a diorama as a back drop for your Peeps.  #2 Create a Setting supplying furnishings and other props to enhance your backdrop.  #3 Add Your Peeps feel free to dress and accessorize them.  #4 Take a Digital Photo in a high resolution JPEG and e-mail it to peeps@tribweb.com with your name, address and phone number.  If you don’t mind, please send me one as well, I’d love to see them ahead of time.  🙂

OK you non-hippsters.  Mr. Technologically Challenged is going to introduce you to two of the hottest things on the Internet.  One is FarmVille, separate from, but related to that game on Facebook.  It apparently is the rage right now.   You spend hours on “the farm” raising crops and animals, practice husbandry and other farm chores for the joy of doing farm chores for hours on the site.  Sorry, I just don’t get it.  🙂  Also, for you non-hippsters, the other game that’s all the rage right now is Angry Birds.  These green pigs steal the birds eggs and the game is getting the eggs back and revenge on the pigs.  OK, now on to the next subject …………….

Good news on Pennsylvania’s economy, our exports jumped 22% last year.  Mainly to Canada and China.  I just wish there were more countries whose name started with a C .  🙂

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