The iconic Jerry’s Records is somewhat closing this summer (July 31 to be exact).  Jerry’s in need of more knee surgery and is retiring rather than worrying about coming back.  So he sold the store, name, phone number etc to employee Chris Grauzer who will keep it intact.   Jerry’s longer range plans are to reduce his 20,0000 record collection on line and at record shows.  He says he doesn’t need 2 1/2 feet of Billie Holiday records, so he figures he can get by with just one foot of her recordings.  🙂

I learned something about dogs, they don’t like being petted on the head.  There was an article in the paper from a vet that pointed out that dogs like attention, but not to have the top of their heads patted.  I’ve always noticed when I start petting one of my dogs on the head, they move their head so I end up scratching them under their chin, behind their ears, or they move for a butt scratch.

For you not too committed bicyclists, there’s a Tour de Donut in northern Lawrence county this coming weekend.  It will be held in New Wilmington, home to Westminster College.  The “race” starts at the college around 8 am.  You can per-register at their website or basically just show up.  One of the reasons it’s held there is there’s about 2 dozen independent donut shops within an hour’s drive.  It’s part of New Wilmington’s Donut DAZE celebration of all things donut with various donut eating contests, best donut contest and more fun.

The main reason for this post is to ask all make a minute of silence to remember our fallen service members, that’s what this holiday’s all about.  I am a vet, but not a combat vet.  Some Americans gave so much so we have the leisure to discuss the pros and cons of Trump vs Clinton or Bernie Sanders and other pressing issues of our time in a CIVIL manner.  Which is what should differentiate us from those in other countries that just shoot someone or detonate a bomb because you have another religion than theirs.  I have zero tolerance for intolerance.  It’s pretty bad in America when some nut case berates two woman for wearing veils and being Muslim and two fellow commuters came to her defense and got stabbed to death.  At least the police and courts are dealing with him instead of as I said above other cultures might start a fatwa against all white supremacists and a blood bath ensues.  For all our problems we have an amazing country and I am very grateful.  By the way, I still believe aliens helped the Egyptians build the pyramids and our founding fathers were aliens, how else could someone make such an amazing document as out constitution without being an alien, it just blows me away.  I just hope they come back and bail us out of the mess we are creating.


Have a great Memorial Day and party safe,


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