The hand’s doing fairly well.  It’s just pretty frustrating, I must wash my hands 20 times during b’fast and only being able to wash one and part of the other kills me, I can type with all fingers of my right hand and just one finger on the other (and this causes me to look at the key pad and this really slows me down), yesterday a screw came out of Ruellia’s bedroom bi-fold doors and it took me over a half hour to fix it (this happens regularly and it normally takes me five minutes to fix it).  The good news is today writing out my reg forms for in coming guests are actually legible, it just takes me twice as long to do them.  I’m pretty set at this point that I will continue using my right hand, even when the left is healed so I can be truly ambidextrous.

Service is very important to me.  I think it shows in how I run my Inn.  I’ve been in hospitality all my life, and really appreciate it when I come across that in my vendors.  I bought all nine fireplaces in the Inn from a crazy lady that opened her shop when she wanted, closed it when she wanted, went to lunch when she wanted.  She was very nice, but was winding down her business and really didn’t care anymore.  Two of the remotes for my fireplaces broke and one of the receivers.  I can’t go to my crazy lady anymore, so I found another distributor for my Monessen fireplaces.  Comfort Living Fireplaces right down Ohio River Blvd are great people to deal with.

Speaking of customer service, Steve Bondarenka was here yesterday.  He’s a Registered Master Plumber that’s done work for me in the past, he’s my fourth Master Plumber I’ve had. His first time here was to unclog a clog underground from a drain spout.  He his work was fine, but then called me the next heavy rain we had to be sure his work worked.  Pretty amazing.  I had one Master Plumber that got a ton of work from me when I first bought the place and was always asking for money.  If you know me, I don’t have a problem paying my bills.  He was continually asking for the balance before he was done.  I had one Master Plumber that did shoddy work.  And the other one had done some work for me and I referred him to my sister for some work.  When I had hm go out to Betty’s to clear a drain, he bragged he was charging me what Roto Rooter charges.  I have drains snaked many times here and in Florida and Roto Rooter has always been the most expensive and the quality of work depends on who they send.  Steve doesn’t seem to have a web site, so I reluctantly will pass his phone number out 412.670.5931, just tell him I sent you if you call him.

Do you know something that I find funny?  When some people call for a reservation, I ask them for a lot of information, their name, the first name of their traveling companion, snail mail address, dates of visit and guest room.  We go through all that and then when I ask for a credit card number, I tell them I accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX.  At that point, they ask me if I’m ready.  I’ve just written a bunch of stuff down, why would I not be ready? 🙂  Just one of the little quirks I find amusing.  I guess what they say about it not taking much to amuse small minds is true.  🙂

I may get addicted to just serving continental breakfast.  It is sooo much easier.  I’ve had time to read the newspaper and instead of nibbling unhealthy, I’ve been having oatmeal.  Evening prep is a cinch and I’m cleaned up in no time.  But, I actually do enjoy cooking and varying my b’fasts.  I can’t wait until my hand is better.

Talk to ya soon,


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