Tomorrow is the First Shattered Black Board Anniversary (1946)-Boston Celtics Chuck Connors became the first player to shatter the backboard.  It’s the anniversary (1605) of England’s Gunpowder Plot.  Eleven conspirators planned to blow up Parliament, twenty barrels of gunpowder were found the night before stored in the basement directly under Parliament.  They were tried and convicted and eight of them were beheaded and their heads were place on stakes along the London Bridge.

Didja see the new app, docket in your pocket?  Currently, it’s only available in Pennsylvania.  The app goes through 32.5 million criminal records in just seconds.  Haindfield, a civil litigation attorney from Des Moines came up with the idea during a break in a court case and he hurried tried to find out the credibility of a witness he doubted.  Pennsylvania’s records are pretty easily accessible and we have a lot of mobile users.  The app is $2.99 currently.  It changes as new criminal activities are recorded and records are expunged.  So eventually, he will probably do this on a prescription basis.  Pretty cool idea for internet dating.  Find out if you’re perspective is a criminal before you get in that car alone with him.  🙂

The Three Rivers Film Festival is celebrating their thirty year anniversary this year.  It runs through Saturday, November 19 at theaters throughout the region.  With more than 50 films representing documentaries, experimental, short and refurbished classic movies.

Well, I had a depressing day yesterday, I cut the Arounda donex down (they’re the corn looking grasses I have out front along the fence).  Winter’s right around the corner.  Sunday I cut the elephant ears down and dig up the tubers for winter storage in the basement.    At least this year it’s fairly dry and warm.  I’ve cut them back when the ground was soaked and it was cold.  In fact last year, we had a hard frost coming up and I had just broke my left hand.  D had to do it all.

Tuesday is election day, I hope you all go out and cast your ballots.  I haven’t missed voting in an election I was eligible to vote in in years.  I have mixed feelings on most of the candidates and you aren’t interested in my opinion anyway.  But I do have a strong opinion on the ballot question whether we approve an added tax dedicated to the Carnegie PUBLIC Library system.  This PUBLIC organization meets in private.  People have been complaining about the secrecy surrounding the library system for several years now.  They’ve promised to have ONE of their meetings next year open to the public.  What’s with that?  What do they talk about that needs to be kept secret?

I sat on the Fort Duquesne bridge for almost a half hour today.  Of course I timed my errands at the same time Vice President Biden came to the convention center.  Once traffic was moving again, I took the tenth street by pass and came up around the convention center.  Smallman was closed as was Penn in both directions.  Of course the multiple police officers stationed at the intersections as well.  Since you couldn’t make a right or left turn at any of these intersections and traffic wasn’t coming out of these streets, why did we have to stop at the red lights?  If you’re going to close down streets, why not adjust the traffic signals?  Or ask the police to wave traffic through?

Well, the Steelers play the Ravens at home Sunday.  I’m sold out Saturday and Sunday, yeah!  Almost half my guests this weekend are repeat guests.  Business has definitely slowed down.  It’s time to start knocking out all those projects I’ve been putting off.

This is going to be a short post, enjoy your Indian summer weekend.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night,


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