Tomorrow is Guam Discovery Day or Magellan Day, commemorates the discover of Guam in 1521 by Magellan.  It is the anniversary of the Boston Massacre in 1770, it’s the anniversary of the Iron Curtain speech by Winston Churchill in 1946.

ModCloth, the folks that did a photo shoot here and named one of their line after The Parador (it was soon sold out 🙂 ) were back in the paper.  They were ranked by Inc magazine as the second fastest growing private company in the United States last year based on the percentage revenue growth between 2006 and 2009.  Susan & Eric Koger are originally sweethearts from Florida that continued their romance when they enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University.  It was Susan’s interest in her grandmother’s clothes that started their endeavor.  They learned buying vintage clothing wasn’t going to work as a business.  That’s when they tapped into Susan’s taste in clothes and Eric’s expertise in computers to really launch their business.  They still have a presence here in the Strip and they own a house in each of their locations (here LA and their headquarters in San Fransisco).  Great folks.

Sunday, from 2 – 6 p.m. is the 16th annual Empty Bowls Dinner at Rodef Shalom Congregation, 4905 5th Avenue in Oakland.  Students, artists, celebrities, etc all create and donate ceramic bowls that for $20 you get a bowl of soup (donated by local restaurants and caterers), bread (donated by The Breadworks) and water.  They’ve raise a half a million dollars for Just Harvest and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.  And you get to keep the bowl.  🙂

I bought a smarty pants phone today.  Anyone that knows me knows how technologically challenged I am.  I got the smarty pants phone to be in addition to my normal cell.  Of course the tech that did the programing programed my cell number in my smarty pants phone.  So when I got home, I had all kinds of trouble until I took it back this evening.  Things are looking up now.  🙂

I finished a project in Bougainvillea.  In case you didn’t read my blog a few days ago, in the second floor hallway of Bougainvillea has several closets for the servants back in the day.  The two under the stairs going to the third floor, I took the doors off and made them into “built in bookcases”.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a pic before I removed the two doors and took the original shelves out.   They turned out pretty cool, check it out:

I’m pretty excited, I’m going to the Mid Atlantic Inn Keepers Conference on Sunday.  They have a lot of great presentations scheduled, I’ll be hanging with my good friend Myra (who’s opening the Stone Manse Inn right there in Central PA) and I know a few other attendees.  In particular I’m looking forward to a presentation on book publishing, my manuscript is over 50k words, getting close to the # I need to proceed finding a publisher.  I also look forward to interacting with purveyors and a number of other presentations.  And I’ll be staying at the new Stone Manse, not quite open and seeing what Myra, Phil and Alex have accomplished since I was last there when they bought it I October.  And I’m going to let “my little girl drive the car for the first time”.  When I leave, I’m leaving my cell phone (since I have the new smarty pants phone) with Derronda.  She has one reservation so far and will be accepting reservations, etc.  She’ll have access to me through my smarty pants phone if she needs me.  I feel like a dad giving the car’s keys to my teenager.  Not that D’s a teenager, I totally trust her and have the utmost confidence in her skills and abilities.  It’s just the first time in five years I’ll be giving up the reigns.  Wish me strength.  🙂

See ya soon,


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