I advertise on bedandbreakfast.com. They have started a blog and after entering their blog and typing a long and thought out narrative, I went to post it and it said I had a wrong URL.  I initially had clicked on their link and started typing, pretty frustrating.

Yesterday, I cut the major limbs on the purple plum tree in the parking lot damaged by February snow storms. cleaned up the mess and took it all out to Betty’s.  She has 3 1/2 acres and lets me drop vegetation in one of the valleys.  While there I took a couple of truck loads of storm damage I had cut up in her main yard down into the woods also.  Worked in the Courtyard this morning, move the cold hardy hibiscus from by the trellis (so the don’t compete with the clematis) over by the wall near the water feature so they stand out better.  Also planted two dozen tulips/hyacinth along the fence with the arondo donax.  I planted them sort of under the three new evergreens so when da boiz go running up to the fence to bark at the poor pound puppies going for their walks, da boiz don’t trample the new flowers.  Hosed off the wall between my Courtyard and my next door neighbor Eleanor.  It seems to leech salt out  of the bricks (or some white powder residue on the bricks) that comes off fairly easily.  Unfortunately, the old bricks seem to be turning to powder.  When I hose it off, the water runs down gritty red.

My good friend Lisa stopped by to pick up the fabric I got and the Veranda wicker furniture cushions.  She should have them done in a week or so.  For any of you that have been here, she’s the one that made all the cushions for the window box seats in Chenille and Oleander; she made the drapes in African Tulip and on the third floor landing in the main stair case.  She made all the drapes on both floors of Bougainvillea.  And if you see a tropical pillow here, guess who made it.  Oh, sorry Lisa, I almost forgot, she also did all the frog patterned chair cushions on the Veranda also.  Lisa, who used to own The Ugly Duckling restaurant, now has The Fabled Table www.fabledtable.com , a cooking classes and catering company.  After speaking with her, I was surprised how well she’s doing.  (Not surprised because of the quality or price she’s famous for, but surprised because she’s only had this venue open a fairly short period of time).  She’s so busy with corporate and social catering that she’s talked Mike into working with her.  Mike’s her boyfriend (actually manfriend would probably be a better term).  They’ve been together for a good while now and it’s great to see to people that deserve each other (and I mean that in a good way).

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