Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first open heart surgery, 1893 in Provident Hospital in Chicago, it is also Argentina’s Independence Day from Spain (1816).  It’s the anniversary of the highest tsunami in 1958.  An 8.3 earthquake in Alaska’s Lituya Bay created a 1,700 foot tsunami followed by a 300 foot wave that struck the inlet.  Only 2 lives were lost, but massive damage.

I posted about Rachel Carson’s Homestead in Springdale a few posts back.  It recently received a nice honor from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it was ranked #6 out of 100 by an on-line survey they conducted.

I bought a local brew from North Versailles (by McKeesport) that was fairly pricey ($30 a case), but very good. Full Pint Brewing Company’s Chinookie has quite the hoppie taste for those of you that like that (me).  I don’t drink beer often (generally I’m a cheap Scotch man, myself), but when I do I want to enjoy it.

Speaking of me, we all acknowledge I’m a bit strange.  Generally a nice guy, but a bit weird.  Andy Rooney years ago ran a segment on annoying marketing.  You can’t stop businesses from promoting themselves, but you can fight back.  He suggested that when you get a bill with all that BS advertising in it, just stuff the envelope you pay the bill with their advertising and send it right back to them to dispose of.  What REALLY annoys me is bills that have your credit card number on the advertisement pages like Home Depot, Kmart, etc.   You can’t just throw them away, you have to shred them.  I religiously send these extra page back to them (OK, I’m weird).  I also hate their BS advertising on the sales receipt.  I’m one of those people at Home Depot that rip the bottom of the HD receipt that says “go to this web site and you might win money” and leave it on the register (I usually use self checkout) for them to throw away.  It seems like all the big box are doing this now.  Kmart, which I use on occasion, is famous for those long receipts.  I need the receipt because I generally use my debit card and it’s my record of the transaction.  Kmart is now touting to “go green” and stop paper receipts, give them your e-mail and they will send you the receipt that way.  There’s NO WAY I’m giving them my e-mail so they can send me junk mail in my mail box.  Here’s a thought Kmart, maybe stop adding four times as much paper as needed to their receipt for advertising.  Am I stupid?

Someone (or someones) seem to be gluing hundreds of protractors around the city to mail boxes, city property, etc.  The protractors all have numbers on them, they haven’t found them all, but they have found numbers as high as 263.  Eric Lidji is tracking them, if you find any, you can contact him at his blog www.ericlidji.wordpress.com and help him find them all.  🙂

Rumor has it Whole Foods is planning on opening another store on the old Consul Energy property when that is developed across from South Hills  Village.  The grocery chain The Fresh Market of South Carolina is in negotiations with the old Roth Carpet property across from the Galleria in Mt Lebanon to build an 18,000 square foot upscale grocery store.  And this is just down the road from where Trader Joe’s new store in Bethel Park.  On top of that hill is The Uncommon Market that’s been there for awhile.  (Uncommon Market doesn’t seem to have a web site, but I’ve always liked that small store).  I guess we can rename that small area as Foodie Corners.  🙂

The 90 year old Shaler Garden Club will be holding their annual garden tour from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Sunday.  Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door and starts at the Shaler North Hills Library at 1822 Mt Royal Blvd.  Five gardens will be featured including a rock garden, day lily garden, cottage style garden and one with six cascading waterfall and a fish pond.  No web site or phone number available.  Over in Beaver their 16th annual tour will feature six gardens on Sunday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Tickets are available for $9 in advance and $10 at the door.  Tours start at Beaver Area Memorial Library at 100 College Avenue in Beaver.  More info at 724.775.1132.  And to wind our library garden tours, the Mt Lebanon Public Library at 16 Castle Shannon Blvd will start with a $30 kick off party Saturday evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the library.  The tour of seven gardens will run from noon until 5 p.m.  This is their 21st tour and tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  The library’s Book Cellar will be open with a Penn State master gardener consultations and plants will be for sale from local gardeners.  More info at 412.531.1912.

Well, I have to run.  Shannon and Brian are getting married here tomorrow and have garden work I need to tend to now that the rain has finally stopped.  It’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, lets keep our collective fingers crossed.


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