Sold out last Saturday night, thank you Dave Matthews.  🙂  Three of my five check-ins arrived before 1:30.  All very nice people, but as my good friend Kerry would say “I’m gong to blow my brains out”.  🙂

I finished “Three Cups of Tea”, by Greg Mortenson the other day.  (I read his second book “Stones to Schools” a while back).  An amazing story about a normal guy taking on educating children in Afghanistan, particularly girls.  An amazing man and story, I highly recommend it.  He started CAI about ten years ago after failing to climb one of the Himalayan mountains.  They are now competing with my favorite charity, Brothers Brother.  Brother’s Brother is an amazing organization.  They have been around for about 50 years and are consistently rated as one of the best charities in that like 95 cents of every dollar donated goes to the people they help.  I’ve been to their headquarters (right around the corner from me) and you can tell all the money goes to the people that need it.  Not that their offices are shabby, but they definitely don’t splurge on mahogany desks.  🙂

I recently read an article in the paper about how this recession is changing people’s lives for the better.  More and more people are getting laid off and eventually taking the plunge and starting there own business after getting laid off.  Often with phenomenal results.  A regular guest and good friend, Julie Walker has started her own business (not that she got laid off, she just decided to take the plunge into working for herself).  Like Myra (another regular) is my mentor on my manuscript, Julie is my marketing mentor.  She started a marketing company and is so happy.  Her daughter Devon is starting school at Duquesne this fall and they were in last night because Devon had an orientation today.  Julie says her business is really taking off, even though she just started it a few months ago.  Although her web site isn’t active yet, it will be shortly and it’s address will be www.jwalkersolutions.com.  If you want a marketing person, I highly recommend her.  Her phone number is 717.697.5511.  With so much marketing on the web, you don’t need a marketing partner down the street anymore.

Speaking of the paper, I read an article on a garden I’ve heard of, but haven’t actually been there yet.  Rodef Shalom’s garden out at 4905 Fifth Avenue in Oakland sounds pretty interesting.  And it’s free.  I’ve included a link to their web site, but there’s not much on their site about their gardens.  Their hours are 10-2 Sundays through Thursday, except Wednesdays they are open 7-9 and Saturdays they are open noon – 1.  The will be having guided tours from 12:15-1 p.m. August 6 and September 3.  Their theme this years is wearable green and there are a lot of aromatics like patchouli, rosemary, chamomile, etc and for clothing they have cotton and flax.

Funny RJ story, as I was preparing breakfast on Tuesday, I had the back kitchen door open and I heard a robin chirping.  I walked out the door and RJ was sniffing at a chick and mom was up in the tree hollering at him.   He wasn’t being aggressive, just curious.  So I brought him in the kitchen and closed the door.  An hour or so later, I opened the door and watched him.  He went to where the chick was before and the chick was gone.  So I go about my business and then I hear this commotion out in the Courtyard.  When I came out, the chick was now behind the gecko swing and RJ was again sniffing at it and mom was really PO’d.    And she had reinforcements.  There was three robins dive bombing him and Mr Courageous was ducking and running.  It was too funny.

I just became the #2 rated B & B on TripAdvisor.com, up from #3.  Thanx guys for making favorable comments on me.  🙂

Well that’s it for today, have a great weekend.  I’m almost sold out tonight and tomorrow night.  🙂


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