Tomorrow the YMCA is hosting their annual fund raiser here.  This is the second year I’ve hosted it for them.  They stopped by this afternoon and pretty much have everything set up.  They’re expecting about 100 guests tomorrow.  They are having wine tastings for new and old style wines, there are about seven massive gift baskets that will be silent auctioned off and some art work.  Linda I is doing the food and there is going to be live music.  Should be pretty exciting.

Stephen started back yesterday.  During his lay off, he got into orgami somewhat and you should see the new presentation we are doing with the toilet paper.  Up until, we’ve done the traditional triangle fold on the last piece of TP.  This is the traditional presentation you see in any hotel.  Stephen does a triple fold with the end two pieces of TP making a basket.  Then with another single sheet of TP, he does a fan fold and puts it in the “basket”.  Very sharp presentation.

I use Google Analytic’s to track where my visitors to my web site come from.  I started seeing referrals from Church Photography’s web site and was wondering who that was.  Then I remember last year when Russ & Natalie got married (their wedding and reception were elsewhere, but they stayed here).  They brought in Scott Church from Lebanon, PA as their photographer.  Scott’s a nice guy and does great work.  Well, Natalie called me yesterday and Scott wants to hold a photography class here.  The people taking Scott’s class will be staying here Friday and Saturday, November 5 & 6 and will be attending lectures and then taking photos around the property.  I gave them a great price on the event space as long as any published photos are attributed to “taken at The Parador”.  It should be a lot of fun.

I finished painting all the white trim in the kitchens.  Besides being a kitchen and all the wear and tear from that, it is also the most used room.  I bring almost everything in through the kitchen, the laundry room is off the kitchen and laundry baskets bang off the doorways, everything going to or from the basement comes through there (all my little projects) banging trim-you get the idea.  The kitchen was starting to look pretty tired and it looks so pristine right now.  And the white makes everything so nice and bright.

Well, have a good night and we’ll chat again soon,


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