It was quite the nice day today, earlier.  The Arondo Donex (the tall grasses up front by the fence) are finally poking their heads out of the mulch.  They always start late.  Also, the elephant ears also are shooting up new little leaves.  All good signs.  Many of the flowers in the other garden are springing up as well.  The hibiscus I moved over to the wall still aren’t showing any growth, it’s still early though for them.  The weather certainly changed late this afternoon.  It got very windy, gusts of heavy down pours and the temperature’s dropping.  We’re on the way from the upper 70’s to the fifties and that’s going to be the high for the next couple of days.  At least it’s not snowing and freezing, so I’m not complaining.

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.  Allegheny West neighborhood association, the neighborhood I live in had their meeting the other day and I was in attendance.  They were all excited because they seem to have received an agreement by Allegheny Community College, North Campus not to sell parking spaces to Steeler fans on home games.  As a little back drop, Allegheny West has sued the Steelers and the Rooneys (the owners of the Steelers) on several occasions.  They hate the noise, litter, congestion and drunkenness of the fans.  I’ve heard one resident suggest that the Steelers should send their housekeeping staff after the games to clean the litter in our neighborhood.  I get more litter from McDonald’s down the street than I do from the Steeler fans.  There’s roughly 1,800 parking spots associated with CCAC, so this agreement is going to put 1,800 more people looking for parking spaces.  The Steeler home games are going to fill the stadium with 65k fans each game, if they can park in CCAC’s lots or in the neighborhoods.  I personally think it would be better to keep the fans up in those lots than driving the neighborhood streets looking for a spot.

Well, that’s about it for today, I’m going watch the Penguins beat the Senator’s butts and work on the manuscript.


  • Just wanted to say Hello. Was speaking with Kerry (of KS Kennedy flowers) the other day and we mentioned your business in passing. I realized I’ve never bothered to introduce myself. I work in the administrative offices of Light of Life Rescue Mission next to the Shamrock Inn. Maybe I can stop in and say hello – is there a better time of day for you?

    Great blog. Will keep reading.

    • Hi Jessi,
      Nice to meet you, cyberly speaking. 🙂 I seldom give tours before 11 because I offer breakfast until 10. I always encourage someone to call me first to be sure I’m available and not out doing errands, etc. 412.231.4800. Isn’t Kerry a character? He’s been a good friend of mine for years. Your boss had his wife’s birthday party here a month or so ago.
      Please, keep on reading, 🙂

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