Just when you thought telemarketers couldn’t get any more annoying, let me burst your bubble.  🙂  There’s a new source of irritation out there for the past year, “ringless voice mails“.  They can now enter your voicemail through a back door.  They can literally fill your mail box with repeated solicitations.  The evil Stratics Networks is offering All About the Message programs that provides this service and are requesting exemption from the ruling trying to limit phone solicitations, because your phone doesn’t actually ring.

I went to the Observatory Hill house tour last Sunday.  Possibly the most interesting wasn’t a house.  I met the owner and told her she should be on the tour.  I love her action figure collection:

Let’s take a minute to recognize a few American heroes, like Ian Grillot who came to the defense of two men of Indian decent working as engineers  in Olathe, KS.  Ian was in a local bar in February when someone (I will respect the more common practice of not reveling the nut case 1 name so he doesn’t bask in the notoriety).  Perp 1 started making racist comments to the two engineers and Ian stepped in trying to diffuse the situation.  Perp 1 (AKA also known as nut case 1) pulled a gun and shot at the two engineers killing one and wounding the other and Ian.  Just last month nut case 2 AKA Perp 2 in Portland, Oregon attacked two young women on a subway train also spewing racist comments and also telling them to go home. Three men riding on the train tried to intervene and got stabbed by nut case 2, two perished.  And then, just today, Dee was coming to work and there was a man of Asian decent (or a tourist) was sitting next to her on the “T”.  He was applying sun screen and these three young girls were staring at him pointing and laughing at him.  Dee gave them that hateful glare we all know and love so well that got the girls attention and they started dising her.  Dee never said a word, but the girls knew what she meant.  One of them even got up and came over to Dee’s seat and put her hand on Dee’s shoulder and threatened that her and her friends were going to jump Dee when she got off.  Some other man on the “T” stood up and told them, he  would gladly take care of them.  The perp 3 said “I’m just a girl, don’t threaten me.”  The man said when you accost someone you loose your rights to being a child.   I won’t continue with what Dee told the girls she was going to do to the girl’s moms afterwards.  🙂  Any of you fellow Americans that believe in what we are, need to step up to the plate and defend each other.  If you haven’t seen pictures of perp 1 and perp 2, follow my links to get a look at them.  Obviously 1 & 2 have mental health issues.  Has anyone else noticed the uptick in violence, homelessness, etc from our governments closing down long term mental health facilities without creating an appropriate back up plan?  Mental health problems can be treated and sometimes cured, but can not be ignored.  It’s also like repealing ACA without a replacement.  Save the money and screw the needy.  Over the years, we as a society have made many mistakes in mental health treatment like old style shock therapy, lobotomy, etc.  That doesn’t mean we should continue making grave errors on the silent segment of our population that doesn’t vote, own houses, hold jobs.  It’s not their fault they have mental health problems as most cancers aren’t someone’s fault (smokers are an exception to this I imagine, I hope I stopped in time).

No matter what big government does, we as Americans need to stand up for what we believe in.  Even with all the negative press these days in America, I still believe most of us believe in what our founding fathers tried to create here.  Even if it’s something small like my personal campaign of acknowledging people that look different than I when walking around.

Have a great day and enjoy our summer weather,


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  • Hate, intolerance, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, these are all part of my American experience. And I’m a straight WASP American male, the crown of creation, to paraphrase the Jefferson Starship. I can’t even imagine what people who don’t fit that tiny mold go through on a daily basis.

    Why don’t people actually practice the small-town and rural values they claim to love so much? Is it innate human nature to distrust or even hate everyone who’s not exactly like they are? Is it learned behavior? Is it both?

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