I have some sad news to report.  My Mom passed away last night.  She had 90 wonderful years raising 7 children and enjoying 10 grand children.  She was pretty healthy pretty much until the end, she was able to pretty much take care of herself.  She lived independently until the end.  I’m still a rock star when I visit her apartment building from the 90th birthday party we threw her last summer at my Inn.  All the inmates (or should I say residents 🙂 ) now know me, even ones that weren’t able to attend the party.  As she was getting challenge cognitively we started getting care givers.  She’s been in and out of the hospital several times recently.  The last time two weeks ago they detected heart problems and because of her age, she was not a candidate for surgery.  We bumped up the care givers to 24/7 under the supervision of hospice associated with AGH, where her primary doctors were located.  Last night I was sitting in a chair just outside her bedroom door (three of my sibs were in the room with her).  As her breathing became labored, I moved into the room and was with her.  She was surrounded by her children when she left us peacefully.  Rest in Peace Betty, you were an inspiration for many:


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