The TV show Alice premiered tomorrow in 1976, it’s the anniversary of the Charleston earthquake (1886) it was the first major earthquake on the eastern seaboard.  It is also the anniversary of Princess Di’s’ death (1997), and the discovery of gold in Klondike Alaska (1896).

I saw the funniest thing on texting.  Texting has a spell check, just like Word.  But the texting generation aren’t known for their attention to detail, they generally more interested in passing on info than if they are grammatically correct.  I read a couple of faux paux like “I ordered fried children” (instead of I ordered fried chicken) and then I saw the best ever.  This lady was planning a party and sent a text to all her friends inviting them over for “coffee and gelato” and she misspelled gelato and the spell check inserted a similar word that starts with an f and refers to a sex act.  Can you imagine the reactions of her friends to this invitation?  🙂 🙂 worth two smilies.

Barn Owls are one of the many species rapidly disappearing.  They used to nest in caves and tree hollows and when we started farming here, they migrated to our barns.  There’s less farming and the farming that is going on is generally larger scale that don’t use traditional barns or smaller farms that are using tighter structures barn owls can’t get into.  One of their champions is Mark Browning, an animal trainer at the Pittsburgh Zoo.  He’s designed an owl house that you attach to a  pole and can place anywhere.  I don’t think it would be appropriate here in the city, but if you’re one of my suburban followers or rural ones, you can find them at his web site barn owl box.  They aren’t cheap, but should last forever and for what the barn owls do for us it may be worth it to you.  They can consume one and a half times there weight of rodents, lizards, insects and other small creatures.

The Mexican War Streets house tour will be held September 11 from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.  This self guided tour will feature several houses and gardens.  More info at 412.848.1083 or their web site.

In the market for a house?  The house on the property abolitionist John Brown was hung in 1859 is going to auction on September 11.  The historic Perkins House has a reserved bid of $950,000 and it’s estimated value is $2.2M.  It’s located in Charles Town, outside Morgantown, WV.  Quite the  impressive 7,000 square foot Queen Anne Victorian mansion was built in 1891 (obviously long after John Brown was hanged).  This two story brick home has a swimming pool, gourmet kitchen and two story barn.

A previous mayor of Harrisburg spent about $30M collecting historical artifacts to start creating The National Civil War Museum, the Wild West Museum and two other failed museum projects.  Maybe some should point out to former Mayor Stephen Reed that the Wild West was west of the Mississippi River, not west of the  Susquehanna River.  They’re excited they were able to sell 2,900 items for a net $1.7M.  Only $28.3 to go.  No wonder Harrisburg’s going into receivership.

There’s a local art show at Fein Art Gallery at 519 E Ohio Street right here on the Northside.  11 a.m. until 5 p.m. until Friday.  Local artists went to Cohen & Grigsby law firm’s office and did a series of paintings of scenes from their deck on the 5th floor of the EQT Plaza.  The theme is En plein air, French for “open air” and is normally outdoor paintings.  These highlight various Pittsburgh sights like the 16th Street Bridge, 6th Street going across town to PNC Park, Market Square and not from the EQT Plaza, Kennywood’s iconic lagoon.

I don’t know if any of you know Brunton Dairy in West Aliquippa.  It’s a family farm that was closed down last week after they found the bacteria Yersinia enterocolitica in some of their dairy products.  The odd thing is the state couldn’t find the bacteria anywhere at the farm.  They volunteered to stop production for a month for the state to try and determine where the bacteria came from.  This week, a storage building burnt down.  It was filled with farm equipment and 20,000 pounds of old newsprint they use for animal bedding. Kind of odd set of occurrences.  Some are saying competitors are targeting them.   Nice people over there and they do have a store, if I haven’t scared you off.  Also, you can pick up their product’s at KS Kennedy Floral and Gourmet right down the street from me.

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