The mantel clock in the Parlor broke.  The chimes stopped and then the time quit working.  I found this guy in 7 Fields that does clock repair, Jeff Campbell.  If you need a clock repaired, he’s good, he’s reasonable and for me was fast.  Because the parlor clock is such a focal point, he put it on a fast track and I got I got it back in about a week.  He does it part time, more or less as a hobby.  the hyper link is his email and his phone number is 724-816-7147, if you would like to get a clock repaired.  I also learned a good bit from him.  I knew the clock in the dining room was an Ansonia mantel clock:`

When I carried the Parlor clock into his shop, he referred to is as a kitchen clock and he asked me something about the Ansonia clock, I asked him how he knew it was an Ansonia and he said it’s written right here on the bottom, sure enough it’s also an Ansonia:

And I took that big, garish gold clock that’s been in the front dining room for years to get it fixed.  He said “Oh you have a Japy Frees clock”, its a French clock and at one time had matching candle sticks.  The main reason it didn’t keep time was because it was missing the pendulum.  Here it is keeping time in the main dining room:

Jeff’s not a big fan of French clocks, but does like the Ansonias.  The reason I put the Japy Frees in the main dining room is the Ansonia is a PIA to wind, you have to wind it from the back through a little hole.  The Japy Frees is front winding, I like easy.  🙂

I had a long conversation with Lester this morning.  I really don’t understand “squirrel”, but I believe he was complaining the birds are eating all his peanuts.  He was on top of the gecko swing chittering away at me and I noticed the plate I put peanuts on for the squirrels was empty.  I told him he needs to get up earlier and told him the old adage The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the peanut, I don’t believe he understands “English”.  I put some more peanuts on the dish and he seemed happy.

Pittsburgh filmed TV series Downward Dog premiers this season at 9:30 on ABC.  It’s a cute story about a dog’s perspective on us.  Speaking of dogs, A Dog’s Purpose, one of my favorite books was turned into a movie that I hear is very lame.  I won’t go and watch because I loved the book so much.  Every third page you cry and then laugh.  I don’t care for the sequel books much.

Braddock mayor John Fetterman’s wife Gisele founded 412 Food Rescue in 2015 with Leah Lizarondo, so far they have saved 750 tons of edible food from going in the trash.  A number of grocery stores, restaurants and caterers have signed on and they distribute the saved food to 289 non profits, schools and public housing communities.  What they do is pair available food to agencies that want it.  Not everyone would want a case of avocados say, so their app lists available food and agencies that want it sign on.  Here’s where YOU come in.  One of the problems saving food is if there is the said case of avocados in Finley Township and an agency in Southside that wants it.  It would be cost ineffective to send a truck out to Finley to transport it.  If you happen to be at the Mall at Robinson, click on the app and are heading home to the Northside, you click that you are able to transport it.  No major commitment that you will man the food pantry for a four hour shift.  Just pick the case of avocados up and on the way home drop it off.  They need tons of us to step up to the plate and sign on with them.  They estimate they have saved $3.7M worth of food with their 1,500 volunteers.  Are YOU going to make it 1,501?  🙂  I’m so in love with the Fettrerans I’d like to open a bed and breakfast in Braddock just to be around John and Gisele.  Speaking of mayors, today is primary election day and I endorse Mayor Peduto.  I don’t agree with all his policies, but I do believe he has US as his primary focus.  Not like that last bozo that was more concerned with snow bunnies at Seven Springs that he missed the worst snow storm we’ve had in years and lining his pockets.  What’s he doing now, some well paid consulting with one of his cronies.  I didn’t say Luckie, so he can’t get me on slander.  🙂

Speaking of food, I don’t recall if I told you about my anniversary party last year.  My good friends Lisa & Mike the owners of Fabled Table Catering did the food for me.  My sister wanted to do something to help out and offered to do the dessert.  She was going to make a ton of individual cheese cakes.  Mr Efficiency (me) said why not make them on sheet trays and just cut them into squares.  Which she did.  After the party, I asked the remaining guests to take as much food as they wanted and then took the rest up to Pleasant Valley, a men’s shelter in the neighborhood.  They were really grateful.  I still had something like 400 little pieces of cheesecake in the frig.  I was talking to my across the street neighbors Paula & Lenny about the cheesecake and asked if they wanted a bunch.  Paula said what about Judge?  He used to work for Lenny when he had a pizza shop and now lives in senior housing in East Liberty.  So they called him to see if he wanted the cheesecakes.  He said sure.  So Paula & Lenny loaded the cheesecakes in their car and drove them over.  Judge was helping unload them into the senior common room.  He went up to help a friend that’s mobility challenged to come down for some.  By the time they came down, most all of the 400 little cheesecakes were gone.  There must of been a bunch of little old ladies shoving cheesecakes in their pockets.  We made a bunch of old people happy.  🙂

That’s it for today, enjoy life,


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