I’ve received a number of responses on my candidacy for 2020.  My favorite was from Tony & Sue in State College:

“So we have read your blog. Sue and I will vote for you. You invited suggestions, I’m no Kelly Ann Conway but I encourage you to consider this advice.

The platform is sound but needs to appeal to a broader base. Consider proposing a ban on gay, gun toting, illegal immigrants, ethnic Asian, female Muslims that have crossed the Mexican border and are seeking employment in the fracking industry.

This should provide momentum in establishing a grass roots campaign.”

It’s worked in the past, I’d say.  🙂

My first change on my platform is to properly regulate PACs.  PACs can no longer hide behind fluffy names like “Americans for democracy” or other generic terms.  If big money is going to try and sway voters, they need to be required to list in order of magnitude of support who is paying for this.  I am seeing a lot of ads on radio time pushing for de-regulation of the clean air act from a PAC.  I’m OK with them soliciting this, just tell me who you are.

I traditionally have had NPR on my kitchen radio while I work on breakfast.  I am so tired of listening to “fake” news, the war by the press for countering claims with facts, attendance at inaugurations and how the regular press distorted pictures (I’ve seen aerial pictures of 2017, 2015, 2011 and 2007).  I now listen to 3ws oldies station in the morning before I turn my Reggae on.

We had a tragedy at The Parador, Ester seems to have gotten hit by a car.  Fester and Lester have been wearing these very cute black arm bands.

Speaking animals, my “fat” gerl has been on a diet since topping 93#.  We go for at least two walks a day (all three of us) and three weeks ago, I cut back on her dog food and substituted green beans.  I took her to the Humane Society yesterday for an accurate reading.  She’s down to 88#!  She’ll be ready for the summer bikini season.  I told her if she make 84# or lower, I will take her to a shop and she can pick out any bikini she wants.

I had a dispute with Direct TV, they have raised my rate every year since I signed up with them when I move up here in 2005.  Before that, I signed up with them in 1995 when I first move to Lake Worth and lived in my private residence on Lake Osborne Road and worked as the Food & Beverage Director of the Palm Beach Ocean Front Hilton.  When I opened The Parador Inn of the Palm Beaches, I moved Direct TV over to my new Inn on S Federal Highway.  So actually, I’ve been a customer of theirs for over 20 years.  They have raised my rates between $2 and $9.  This year’s increase was $8.60 yearly.  I called to complain and the woman I spoke with was very sympathetic, but could do nothing.  She referred me to the Customer Loyalty department.  I explained to the gentleman that they shouldn’t raise my rate every year.  He said all companies do that.  I said “No, I’ve only raised my rates once in ten years.”  He countered that most companies do and I could see I was going now where with him and told him good bye.  Direct TV always sends an evaluation form via email after you interact with them.  I gave a very negative review and they called me the same day.  This gentleman I spoke with listened to all I had to say.  I asked him how much money does Direct TV spend on advertising trying to recruit new customers, he said he didn’t know.  I said I figured that, but they should develop a customer loyalty program to retain current customers.  When you have someone for 10 years, cap an increase to a set amount and when someone goes over 20 they should be grandfathered into their latest rate.  What does it cost to keep me as a customer, it should be negligible.  Yes, increases are necessary, but not increases just for increases sake.  I also pointed out my “endorsement” I give them by having the Direct TV logo come up every time my guests turn on a TV.  I have over 3,000 guests visit my Inn every year and don’t charge Direct TV for my implied endorsement.  For what it’s worth, he said I made good points and he would pass my ideas on to the appropriate people

Obviously, we’ve had an extremely warm winter, so far.  A couple of weeks ago we had a very heavy snow storm, the weight of the snow was very heavy, we didn’t get that much snow.

I wasn’t too happy with these arborvitaes, they were tall and spindly.  I was thinking of taking them out anyway.  They were blocking too much light out of the Parlor and Allamanda.  So I cut the bottom branches off so the weight would continue to pull the roots out.  They are now gone:

See how tall and spindly the Arborvitae is next to the yellow bay window.

I should have a new parking lot next month, I’m so excited.  They are going to dig the old one out, excavate to a proper depth, put a liner down, larger aggregate base topped with smaller aggregate and then pave it and do the top, and stripe it.

Also, Window MIke was over Sunday and took measurements to replace the six windows in the Loft (my space) that my become the new Ruellia, my first first floor guest room.  More to come on this.

Have a great day,



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