Tomorrow is the anniversary of the American cruiser Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese torpedo after it dropped the atomic bombs off on Tinian Island (1945), Peter Jennings birth anniversary (1938), Benito Mussolini’s birth anniversary (1883) and NASA was established by President Eisenhower (1958).

Below are pictures of one of my nesting morning doves.  There’s proud moma and her to RAPIDLY growing chicks.  I swear they double in size over night.

I think I may have talked about this in the past, Fenton Art Glass, in Williamstown, WV,  only has two more weeks until it closes it’s doors to retail business.  Fenton Glass has been family owned since it opened in 1905.  Current president, George Fenton say they are closing because demand has dried up for their novelty items (I don’t mean cheap souvenir store hula girls).  The mom and pop gift shops and general stores have all closed, big box like Walmart only buy bulk imports for their novelties.  Couple this with the recession and America’s obsession with all things electronic, Fenton has decided to call it quits.  You have until August 6 to go down and pick up your piece of history.  They may re-tool the plant and start making commercial products like industrial glass.

Fallingwater is again being newsworthy.  They have had a huge educational program for years.  On their 5,000 acre nature reserve, eight buildings have been converted into teaching and residency space for students.  These buildings are tucked around and include  100 year old one room school house, old farm houses, a barn and garage.  They are now doing a fund raising campaign for their latest endeavor, earth-sheltered “cottages.  In the mind set of Frank Loyd Wright, they are trying to be as unobtrusive with nature as possible.  Each “cottage” is expected to cost about $150,000 to build and they want to start with four.  I believe they have raised 3/4 of the funds needed for this latest project.  So far this year, 2,500 students and adults have come up there for day long and week long work shops and lectures.  When they opened to the public, they optimistically expected maybe 25,000 people a year would visit.  They quickly exceeded 70,000 and if my memory serves me correctly (a dangerous thing to do) :), they host over 160,000 guests a year on tours.

The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas purchased a number of Scarlett O’Hara’s costumes from film producer David O Selznick in the 1980′s.  They are trying to restore them for the 75th anniversary of the release of Gone with the Wind.  They can take off the extra feathers someone applied years ago, undo numerous alterations and other damages from over the years.  But some of the gowns have faded over the years and that they won’t be able to change.

The highest profile movie to date moves into da ‘burg this week.  The Dark Knight Rises staring Christian Bale is scheduled to film through the end of August.  A lot of it is being filmed Downtown because the director likes the historic architecture  buildings we have that remind him of what Gotham City should look like.  They will be filming day an night, so expect road closures and other inconveniences.  The mayor expects the impact to be in the millions.  The old Mogul Studios in the Strip (now 31st Street Studios have been a buzz for over a week (they are right next to Restaurant Depot).  Release of the movie is scheduled for July 20, 2012  The movie is also shooting in India, England, Scotland, New York and Los Angeles.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first US Swimming School opening (1827 in Boston, MA), it is the anniversary of the revolt in Egypt that toppled the monarchy and created a democracy of sorts under Nasser (1952) and the Gene Autry Show premiered in 1950.

Anyone that’s visited here in the past month was greeted by my morning doves on the parking lot porch.  They made their nest on the window sill of the stained glass window.  The chicks hatched last night.  I could tell because mom was moving around a bit and when I got up on the rail, there were these cute little chicks stumbling around.  That’s the second set of morning doves, the original are under the bay window in the Courtyard outside Allamanda.  I love morning doves, they are so un-annoying and I think it’s so cool that they mate for life.  Here’s a picture of mom, I didn’t want to disturb her too much by clicking pictures of the kids.  :)

I went to Penn State and used Route 22 to get up to State College throughout my enrollment and then after to visit.  I still have good friends up there, Tony and Sue.  I went to school with them, Tony was a Horticulture Major and I was a Business Major.  He runs a green house up there and has been a font of great advise on my gardens since I started this project here (and an occasional gift of a unique plant).  So the news that they have finally finished upgrading Route 22 to a four lane highway all the way through was quite the good news today.  They say it was a seventeen year project widening the road.  I attended Penn State in the late 1970′s and they were working on widening the road back then.  I don’t know how they add up years, but that’s a lot longer than seventeen years.  The bottom ling, how ever they count, the road is complete.  I’m going to have to schedule a visit just to see the new road, I’ve traveled that road so many times.

Daniel Smithbower was taken out of a zoning hearing in handcuffs yesterday.  He’s the guy that owns Butta Bing strip club on Route 51 in Overbrook.  When I was in high school, it was a very cool jazz club Sunny Dayes and at some point Smithbower took it over and turned it into a strip club.  He had a fire in 2005 and it’s been sitting as an eyesore since.  He claims he’s been trying to get it back up and running since.  But the neighbors for the past six years have had to put up with that eyesore.  The city zoning is looking into whether he’s going to be grandfathered because the city passed a zoning law that limits where strip clubs can be located.  Obviously he thinks he should be.  But they arrested him because he failed to show up for a hearing the city sent to him questioning him allowing the property to fall into such disrepair.  Typical absentee property owner (he lives in Murrysville), I bet he would be up in arms is such a dilapidated building was next to his house.

The Wings Over Pittsburgh Airshow featuring vintage and modern aircraft is coming back September 10 and 11.  They will be featuring the Heavy Metal Jet Team, the Sky Soldiers Demonstration Team, Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Show and Northeast Raiders Demonstration Team.  There are aircraft on display, but I’m not sure if it’s at the main airport or at 911th Airlift Wing’s site.  More info at the air show’s web site.

Manchester’s having another tour of houses for sale in the neighborhood.  They way they ran it last year was you signed up for the tour and they had sign up sheets at the various houses.  The price on the house included renovations with discounts on financing and construction.  Some of the houses were just shells and for a price of $100,000 to around $200,000 you got a home in the historic neighborhood that was totally remodeled.  You could upgrade the construction to include things like granite counter tops and additional bathrooms, if you want.  They are show casing some homes like that, vacant lots with site plans for new construction and they will also be show casing some of the new homes being built on Columbus Avenue.  People signed the sheets last year and it was first come, first serve.  If the person on the top of the list couldn’t secure financing, they contacted the second person on the list.  The tours start at Manchester Elementary School at 1612 Manhattan Street today, Saturday and Sunday.  More info can be found at the Manchester Civic Association’s web site.

They finished the tile work in Bromeliad’s bathroom today and Dewayne finished trimming the room out today also.  Monday they plan on installing the fixtures in the bath and cleaning the room up.  Tuesday the painters start painting and later in the week the floor crew will be refinishing the floors.  It’s really taking shape.  I can’t spend much more time today on the blog, I’m sold out until Wednesday (yeah!) and need to get back to being an Innkeeper.  I hope to get a few pictures posted possibly later this weekend, definitely early next week.

Remember to keep hydrated,



Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Allies taking Palermo (1943), the death of John Dillinger (1934), Pied Piper of Hamelin Anniversary (by legend 1376), as such it is also Rat-Catchers Day.  This deserves it’s own listing, it is Spooner’s Day, honoring the Reverend William Archibald Spoon of Oxford born this day.  This educator and cleric made so many verbal faux pas that they gave his name to this.  He coined blushing crow for crushing blow, tons of soil for sons of toil, queer old dean for dear old queen, swell foop for fell swoop and half-warmed fish for half formed wish.  My brother Mot should find this of particular interest.

The Children’s Museum is again hosting their Summer Solar Concert in the Commons Park in front of the museum.  The local musicians will be performing with a solar powered sound system designed by Dave Djornson, technical director of the New Hazlett Theater right next door.  The concerts start each Wednesday at 12:15 and next week will be Todd Burge, August 3 will be Midge Crickett, August 10 will be Tom Breiding, August 17 will be Joy Toujours and the Toys Du Jour, August 24 will be Paula Purnell and finally August 31 will be Brewer’s Row.  More info at Solar Concert Series.

OK, this may surprise some of you, but most levels of government are out of money.  The City of Pittsburgh, that’s been in receivership for what, five years now is considering delaying installing two planned misting playgrounds.  This isn’t a huge chunk, compared to where the city is financially, but it shows they still haven’t gotten it.  Misters are great for kids and if we can afford to build them AND maintain them, go for it.  When I was a kid, my parents bought a plastic blow up kiddie pool that we cooled off in, year after year, the same pool.  Here’s an idea for the city and Penndot, eliminate duplicate bridges.  I don’t know how many times I travel across a bridge and see another right next to it.  Why not select the best bridge, merge both roads on both sides of the valley, river or crick and get rid of the redundant bridge?  Roads are a lot less expensive to maintain than bridges.  There seems to be a bit of a debate in congress about subsidizing small airports so they can stay open.  Sorry, no one subsidizes me in the winter when my occupancy is at it’s lowest and my gas bill is at it’s highest ($2,400 a month).  I don’t know, maybe I just don’t think right.

OK, Bromeliad is coming along quite nicely.  This first picture is this very cool desk I got today at a Consignment Shop I stop at periodically in Bill Green Shopping Center in Pleasant Hills (I go there regularly, but don’t recall her name).  I wanted a small desk to place in front of a window and this was the perfect size and it’s in great shape (one day I’ll refinish it, but it’s fine as it is).  It’s always a good sign when the shop keepers makes a face at you when you bring an item up to purchase.  I asked her about the face and she said she was debating buying it and now regretted not picking it ups sooner.  The desk is solid mahogany.

OK, Bromeliad’s walls are dry walled, Dewayne hung the three new doors and has most of the trim up.  The fireplace should be in next week and he’s getting ready to build that out (I’m giving him the dimensions tomorrow to work with).  Just about all the tile is up in the bathroom.  The tile guy will finish tomorrow and hopefully get it all grouted.  Here’s today’s pictures:

The first picture shows where the closet was cut in half and a king bed will fit well in that space with end tables on either side.  I have the end tables, I need to find lamps.  The second picture shows the same wall, just down a little.  The new closet door and between that corner and the window is where the fireplace is going.  The third picture is just the reverse angle looking from where the fireplace will be towards the entrance door.  The fourth picture is where the kitchenette was.  I have this really cool oak low boy dresser (two low drawers with a tall mirror) that I bought at the auction they had selling my Dad’s stuff.  I was watching all the activities at the auction, when they pulled this dresser up and it was struggling at $100.  I thought, hell, I’d spend that at IKEA and for $130 it will be perfect there.

If you go back to the original pictures a few days ago, this first picture is where the sink was and on the right corner was a box that held the hot water tank.  We are moving the hot water tank to a much more compact closet on the other side (second picture at the foot of the tub).  Third picture is where the shower was and the sink is going.  The last picture shows the space between the tub and where the toilet’s going.  That box in the wall is for the heater.  It is amazing how much bigger this bath seems.  It’s the exact same foot print (except for moving that alcove from the kitchenette into the bathroom).  The extra space comes from removing that chimney I spoke of earlier and better use of the hot water closet (we’re putting a linen closet on top).

These last three pictures are from the stairwell to Bromeliad.  The first picture shows where the chimney no longer is.  That was amazing. I had to turn to walk past it and now it’s just a straight shot across the short hallway you see in picture two.  The third picture is from the top of the stairs down.  That second picture we are going to take part of that wall out making the hallway a little bit bigger and a straight shot (currently you sort of have to turn as you enter from the front door.)  The Ballroom is giving up a few inches, but it also is loosing that doorway you see in the first picture.  That will also make that wall in the Ballroom a little more practical.

Well, that’s about it for my updates on Bromeliad and my tirade.  Keep out of the sun, drink lots of water and don’t stress yourself too much until this heat abates,



Tomorrow is Edgar Degas’ birth anniversary (1834), Elvis Presley’s first single was released (“That’s All Right Mama” 1954), the first part of Lord of the Rings (also 1954) and Marilyn Monroe’s first screen test (1946).

The Westmoreland Museum of American Art has an exhibit “They Practice What They Teach” through September 4.  The show examines are work by Carnegie Tech and eventually Carnegie Mellon art teachers and their art.  Many of the teachers took jobs as teachers so they could have summers off to pursue their true passion, actually painting themselves.  Featuring about 60 works by fifteen alumni, seems to be nice introspection.  Visit their web site for times and other details.

The new guest room has a name, Bromeliad.  Bromeliads are a huge group of tropical plants that come in all manner of colors and types.  There are many bromeliad air plants you see in the swamps and they are pretty common garden plants as well.  The most noted is the pineapple.  The top leaves of the pineapple is what most bromeliads have and is the source of their many colors.  Here’s a bunch of before pictures (when I move out of my utilitarian space) and where we stand today.

This first set of pictures show the east wall.  Initially, since it was my living space and office, I needed closet space for office items and clothes.  The first picture shows the double closets and the second shows it cut down in half.  There’s enough space along that wall for a king bed and end tables now.  The end picture shows where I had bookcases and that is where the fireplace is going to be.

This next set of pictures show the west wall.  The kitchenette has been taken out and the alcove in the second picture (was for a refrigerator) has been given to the bathroom.  I have this very cool lowboy two drawer oak dresser with a tall dressing mirror that’s going to go where the kitchenette was.  The bathroom only had a shower and we’re adding a tub, so that’s going to go behind the door, on your left in the third picture.   When you walk in the new bathroom, right behind the door is that alcove that now is a closet for the hot water tank below and towel storage above.  We had to move the door about a foot and a half to make this work.

This next set of pictures shows the west wall of the bathroom.  The first picture shows the closet for the hot water tank and towels and the tub in place.  The middle picture shows the chimney that’s no longer there. I wanted to remove the chimney because when you go down to the bottom of the stairs, it jutted out into the entrance and made the entrance very narrow.  To save aggravation with the local historic review, what we did was remove the chimney to the ground, saved the bricks, built a platform in the attic and rebuild the chimney so it juts out of the roof.  The third picture shows where the toilet will be and the built in heating unit for the bathroom.  The sink is going across from the toilet.

They start installing the tile tomorrow, should be finished by Thursday.  Yeah!  Here’s the colors are teal walls and red trim

Have a good night,



Tomorrow is the Feat of the Redeemer in Venice, Italy where they have a procession of gondolas and other craft commemorating the end of the epidemic of 1575, the anniversary of the premier of One Life to Live (1968) and Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini’s birth anniversary 1850-the first American saint).

Some exciting news on my web site, I now have a mobile version for hand helds.  I’ve been wanting to do this since I was at that Innkeepers Conference in the spring.  Loading a full web site on an hand held takes extra time and is cumbersome.  The new version gives you a couple of quickie options, there’s an Icon that you click on that starts an e-mail to me, there’s an Icon that when you click on it, it automatically dials my phone and there’s an Icon that gives you the option to view my full site.  The site is designed from my original site, but with a lot less content, making it easier for a mobile user to get to the info they need.  Did you know that a traditional surfer on a PC type devise makes a decision in about a week where a hand held makes a decision in about an hour.  Pretty huge market that has very specific traits.

While working on my site, Kirk from Vollkommen Total Media created a links page for me.  One that I can populate.  A huge thing with your rankings on the Internet is links.  The spiders are always evaluating the relevance of the links, the strength of the site you are  linking to and from and the volume of links.  I didn’t want to clutter my Partners Page with a bunch of non partners, but relevant links, so Kirk put a small Icon on the bottom of my page so you can view them if you want and it doesn’t look like I’m hiding something, which would really put me in hot water with the spiders ( and I live in mortal terror of upsetting the spiders).  So now when I get one of those inquiry e-mails requesting reciprocal links, I can just deal with it myself.

Construction on my newest gust room is going gang busters.  The demolition is completed, we’ve passed the rough plumbing and electrical inspections today.  They pretty much finished hanging the drywall today.  They will start mudding it tomorrow and finish on Monday.  The tile guys is scheduled for Tuesday.  I have some pics from when I emptied my stuff out, when the demo was done and I’ll take some after they’re finished tomorrow and post them over the weekend.

I do have a busy weekend.  I’m sold out from tonight through Sunday.  And my brother Tom, his wife Sofie and there daughters Cloe a toddler and the infant twins Audrey and Isabelle will be visit Friday through Tuesday from Colorado.  I’m pretty excited.

Photo Antiquities over on West Ohio Street is doing a major expansion.  Bruce Klein that owns that and the iconic Bernie’s Photos over there recently announced the expansion.  They acquired the old Allegheny Social Hall on Madison Street right over there.  They will be going from about 1,800 square feet to around 16,500 square feet.  Huge growth.  Bruce has frequently complained that he doesn’t have enough wall space at his current location to show but a fraction of his collection (which includes the original camera that captured the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima an photos dating back to 1827.  The new location will have classrooms, a dark room, research library in addition to the museum.  Bruce is kicking this off Tuesday at a news conference at the Yale Club Downtown at noon where he will announce the founding of his new non profit.  Then Thursday around 6:30 he will be hosting an opening kick off and fund raiser at the new location.  If you get a chance, stop by either or both.

First of all, I want to congratulate Eric Shriener.  He was the #2 at the Warhol and had just been promoted to the curator.  I’m sure with Eric’s leadership, the Warhol will continue to be cutting edge.    Speaking of which, one of the current exhibits at the Warhol (though August 15) is “Mixed Signals: Artist Consider Masculinity in Sports”.  The work featured in this exhibit offers alternative views of masculinity and sport by exploring the stereotypes, rituals and specialized gear of this male dominated world.  Each of the 15 artists included examines the way masculinity is performed and presented in a sporting context.

There’s an art show at the American Jewish Museum at 5738 Forbes Ave, Squirrel Hill (412.521.8011) through July 28.  Hours are 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 7:30 to 6 p.m. Fridays, 1 to 7 p.m. Saturdays and 7:45 to 6 p.m. Sundays, admission is free.  Are you aware that over a billion people do not have access to clean drinking water?  That’s one out of every six people on the planet.  This exhibit addresses this and many other water related crises.  The show, called “Too Shallow for Diving: the 21st Century is Treading Water” was put together by Carolyn Speranza.  She got fifteen of her fellow artists to create works on this theme.

Well, that’s if for now, have a great weekend,



Tomorrow is the anniversary of the first open heart surgery, 1893 in Provident Hospital in Chicago, it is also Argentina’s Independence Day from Spain (1816).  It’s the anniversary of the highest tsunami in 1958.  An 8.3 earthquake in Alaska’s Lituya Bay created a 1,700 foot tsunami followed by a 300 foot wave that struck the inlet.  Only 2 lives were lost, but massive damage.

I posted about Rachel Carson’s Homestead in Springdale a few posts back.  It recently received a nice honor from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, it was ranked #6 out of 100 by an on-line survey they conducted.

I bought a local brew from North Versailles (by McKeesport) that was fairly pricey ($30 a case), but very good. Full Pint Brewing Company’s Chinookie has quite the hoppie taste for those of you that like that (me).  I don’t drink beer often (generally I’m a cheap Scotch man, myself), but when I do I want to enjoy it.

Speaking of me, we all acknowledge I’m a bit strange.  Generally a nice guy, but a bit weird.  Andy Rooney years ago ran a segment on annoying marketing.  You can’t stop businesses from promoting themselves, but you can fight back.  He suggested that when you get a bill with all that BS advertising in it, just stuff the envelope you pay the bill with their advertising and send it right back to them to dispose of.  What REALLY annoys me is bills that have your credit card number on the advertisement pages like Home Depot, Kmart, etc.   You can’t just throw them away, you have to shred them.  I religiously send these extra page back to them (OK, I’m weird).  I also hate their BS advertising on the sales receipt.  I’m one of those people at Home Depot that rip the bottom of the HD receipt that says “go to this web site and you might win money” and leave it on the register (I usually use self checkout) for them to throw away.  It seems like all the big box are doing this now.  Kmart, which I use on occasion, is famous for those long receipts.  I need the receipt because I generally use my debit card and it’s my record of the transaction.  Kmart is now touting to “go green” and stop paper receipts, give them your e-mail and they will send you the receipt that way.  There’s NO WAY I’m giving them my e-mail so they can send me junk mail in my mail box.  Here’s a thought Kmart, maybe stop adding four times as much paper as needed to their receipt for advertising.  Am I stupid?

Someone (or someones) seem to be gluing hundreds of protractors around the city to mail boxes, city property, etc.  The protractors all have numbers on them, they haven’t found them all, but they have found numbers as high as 263.  Eric Lidji is tracking them, if you find any, you can contact him at his blog www.ericlidji.wordpress.com and help him find them all.  :)

Rumor has it Whole Foods is planning on opening another store on the old Consul Energy property when that is developed across from South Hills  Village.  The grocery chain The Fresh Market of South Carolina is in negotiations with the old Roth Carpet property across from the Galleria in Mt Lebanon to build an 18,000 square foot upscale grocery store.  And this is just down the road from where Trader Joe’s new store in Bethel Park.  On top of that hill is The Uncommon Market that’s been there for awhile.  (Uncommon Market doesn’t seem to have a web site, but I’ve always liked that small store).  I guess we can rename that small area as Foodie Corners.  :)

The 90 year old Shaler Garden Club will be holding their annual garden tour from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Sunday.  Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door and starts at the Shaler North Hills Library at 1822 Mt Royal Blvd.  Five gardens will be featured including a rock garden, day lily garden, cottage style garden and one with six cascading waterfall and a fish pond.  No web site or phone number available.  Over in Beaver their 16th annual tour will feature six gardens on Sunday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.  Tickets are available for $9 in advance and $10 at the door.  Tours start at Beaver Area Memorial Library at 100 College Avenue in Beaver.  More info at 724.775.1132.  And to wind our library garden tours, the Mt Lebanon Public Library at 16 Castle Shannon Blvd will start with a $30 kick off party Saturday evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the library.  The tour of seven gardens will run from noon until 5 p.m.  This is their 21st tour and tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.  The library’s Book Cellar will be open with a Penn State master gardener consultations and plants will be for sale from local gardeners.  More info at 412.531.1912.

Well, I have to run.  Shannon and Brian are getting married here tomorrow and have garden work I need to tend to now that the rain has finally stopped.  It’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, lets keep our collective fingers crossed.



Happy Fourth of July to you all.  It is Koko the gorilla’s birthday (she’s the gorilla at the San Fransisco zoo that they taught sign language to), Stephen Foster’s birth anniversary (1826), Calvin Coolidge’s birth anniversary (1872) and Ann Landers (1918).  It is also the anniversary of Booker T Washington’s Tuskegee Institute (1881).  His students built the school, dorm and chapel out of bricks they fired in their own ovens.  Quite the upgrade from the shanty Mr Washington started his classes in at the abandoned plantation he purchased.

I think I was insulted today.  My good friend Myra that’s opening The Stone Manse Inn in New Cumberland (Harrisburg) sent me an e-mail that said she had her first official guests this past weekend.  I went to that Innkeepers conference in the spring and stayed at her lovely Inn.  But I wasn’t a “paying” guest.  :)  Check out her web site, it’s really a gorgeous property.

July’s quite the busy month, we had 65k fans for Kenny Chesney last night, the Three Rivers Regatta runs through Monday, Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow are performing at First Niagara Pavilion in Washington County on Wednesday.  Butler County is having their fair through July 9 at the Butler County Fair Grounds.  Next Saturday, Phipps Conservatory is having Discovery Garden and the National Aviary is having a Lories birthday party.  We have the Mennonite convention yesterday through Saturday at David Lawrence Convention Center (part of their mission is go “give back” to the city hosting their convention, so you may see them around cleaning up areas around the city).  We have American Frontier Rifleman Tall Tales & Truths running through October 30 at the Fort Pitt Museum in Point State Park.  We have the Society of American Magicians convention here July 12 – 16 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh an performances in the Byham Theater Downtown.  Peter Frampton is going to perform at the Trib Total Media Amphitheater July 13 followed by Boz Scaggs on Saturday, July 16.  Lucinda Williams will be performing at State AE on July 17 and Mary Chapin Carpenter will be at Hartwood Acres the same day.  Pittsburgh’s Vintage Grand Prix returns to Schenley Park July 20.  the Pittsburgh Blues Festival returns to Hartwood Acres on July 22, Vans Warps Tour will be at the First Niagara Pavilion on the same day.  Lil’ Wayne will be at the Pavilion the next day and Slayer and Rob Zombie will be at Stage AE.  Motley Crew with Poison & New York Dolls will be at State AE on Sunday, July 24.  The much anticipated U2 Concert at Heinz Field is Tuesday, July 26 and the Goo Goo Dolls will be at Stage AE the next day.  Meat Loaf takes the stage July 28 Trib Total Media Amphitheater at Station Square.  The month will close out with Tim McGraw at First Niagara Pavilion on July 30.

The world’s largest annual high-tech scavenger hunt is coming to Western Pennsylvania this coming weekend.  It starts out with a camp fire and story telling at the Warren County Fairgrounds on Friday.  And the hunts begin the following morning.  This group uses GPS to locate items listed on various web sites like geocaching.com that list hidden items.   They expect some 5,000 participants (3,000 have already preregistered) and they are coming from Alaska, Germany, Sweden and Asia.  I have a wedding, so you won’t be seeing me.

Again, have a great holiday,