Well, I’m an empty nester.  My morning doves have all left me.  ):  It was amazing to watch those chicks grow.  I swear they would double in size over night.  Now we have to remove the nest and clean up their droppings.  🙂

Had a wonderful wedding this past weekend.  Liz and Brian looked stunning and everyone had a great time.  Grecko’s/Bella Sera did a wonderful job with the reception and then a plated dinner. Food was great and service was even better, what a great staff.  I love working with professionals.  They had their dinner in the Ballroom and then adjourned to a dance floor they had set up under a tent in the Courtyard.  Liz and Brian are now off to a state park in Ohio for some camping, kayaking and spelunking.  Next up is Andrea & Omar this weekend.  I look forward to hosting their special day.

OK, here’s a new one (at least for me).  It’s called Planking.  People are going around the city and having their pictures taken in public spaces prone.  There’s strict rules to your posture in these pictures.  You must be face down, legs together, toes pointing out, arms next to your body with your hands flat and fingers pointing out.  You are “a plank”.  You get points for most unique location (on a railing on Mt Washington looking over the city, chest on a pylon and legs balanced on a second pylon like you are floating, on top of a park bench, etc).  Related to this is Toothpicking where you are vertical.  Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon dubbed it in 1997 in England.  Comedian Tom Green claims he was the first.  If you want to see pictures visit these web sites plank pittsburgh, pittsburgh planking and lyingdowngame.  This pastime is not without it’s risks, this past May a man died in Australia when he fell off the railing on his seventh story balcony.  Celebrities have gotten into it, Rosario Dawson planked on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Usher has posted him planking as have Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

Here’s pictures of Bromeliad, which I took over the weekend, but it has already changed drastically.  I love the aquamarine of the walls.  This may be my most tropical room.  The first picture shows where the king bed’s going.  The second picture is where the fireplace is going next to that window.  Obviously, the third picture is the new tub and shower.  The reason I included the last picture of the toilet is that picture shows the tile I choose for the border.  I really like it.

So today, the electrician did his final installations, the plumbing inspector gave his final OK and the painters stained the doors and put the first coat of the coral on the trim.  I’ll take some more pictures tomorrow after the painters are finished (the white in the bathroom, ceilings and closet is all finished.)

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